What Do I Get My s/o for Valentine's Day?

Love day is coming soon and that means we are looking for gifts for our s/o's, our besties, or our family. I'm someone who always loves something a little more sentimental than materialistic. Even when I buy a piece of clothing, I tend to have meaning for every one of my purchases like, "I bought this jacket for this occasion" or "I remember I wore this to this special thing". So when I'm getting someone a gift, I like it to be meaningful as well. I think Valentine's day is the perfect day to show how much you know and love a person through the gifts you give them!


Is it just me or are boys super hard to shop for? I like to get my boyfriend things I don't think he would ever get himself. Or if he would get it, I like to put my own little touch on it.

Gifts by hand:

  • Last year, I made him a huge basket with all of his favorite snacks, drinks, and things he needed in school/for his apartment. Plus an adventure book full of our happiest and saddest memories. I also, left some room for more chapters in our life. Although it may have been simple, it was truly meaningful and I think that's what this day is really all about.

  • Gifting them something that reminds them of you or an experience you had is also a great idea. For example, if you've ever saved movie tickets from a date or pressed flowers they've given you, you can turn those items into pretty much anything with some molds and some resin from Amazon. I personally keep one flower from every bouquet my boyfriend has given me and I would love to one day turn that into jewelry or a plate. That is such a meaningful gift because not only did you take the time to make it but it also is something personal to an experience you had that is now turned into something for everyday use. So every time they use it, they will immediately think of you and the special memory you guys hold. I don't care if what you made is an ash tray or a necklace, if they'll use it then it's a great gift.

Gifts to buy:

If you are looking to purchase an item for your boyfriend rather than make one, don't worry I got you too.

  • Cologne is always a great go-to. It's personal to them because either the scent reminds them of you or it is going to be what they smell like every time they wear it so now you will remember them by it. Also, a good ol' hoodie or specific piece of clothing they might need is super meaningful too. It shows that you know them by getting them something they love and/or needed.

  • If you want to make a simple clothing piece more meaningful you can also stitch your initial on the cuff so they always have you with them or if you've ever watched gossip girl, you can add a heart charm on their cuff like Blair does with her greatest loves.

  • Something funny you could buy is a pair of socks or clothing with your face on it or their pet's face on them. I got my boyfriend a pair of underwear with my face on it as a joke. You can find those all over Etsy. Customized gifts are always the best.

  • A few more easy gifts are linked below:

  • Electronic Organizer

  • Art

  • Posters

  • Workout Equipment


No matter what holiday it is, I almost always appreciate it more when my boyfriend gets me something meaningful. Mostly regarding jewelry, because that is something I can wear all the time. But I never want any plain old piece of jewelry. I want something that when I am missing my boyfriend, I can grab onto that piece of jewelry and immediately feel better. Boys, a few hints, we don't just want a heart shaped necklace. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but a heart can be a bit expected.

Gifts to buy:

  • My boyfriend has gifted me a ring with his initials on it and a necklace with his initials on the front and then the date we started dating on the back. When I see it, I immediately feel, he's close, here with me (even if we are hundreds of miles apart) I literally never take off my necklace and that's the kind of gift we are looking for on Valentine's day. Etsy is a great place to look for cheaper, customized jewelry.

  • FLOWERS. You'd be surprised how much flowers mean to us. They're beautiful and don't cost that much so showing up with a pair of flowers randomly is such a kind and simple gift to give. Put some thought in it though. What's their favorite flower, their favorite smell or their favorite color so you can use that information to buy the best flowers. Lillies for example have a smell that fills a room for a week.

  • Perfume has the same meaning for women that cologne does for men. I've noticed that any gift related to the five senses is very significant.

  • Pandora charm bracelets are a more specific jewelry option that is meaningful. Plus, it'll actually help you in the future because you can continuously keep gifting new charms so you're covered for a while. You're welcome. Each charm you buy can be specifically meant for that person so it's a beautiful gift while staying meaningful gift. It can be any charm bracelet by the way, not just Pandora.

  • Lingerie too if you're into that. Lol.

  • A few more funky and on trend gifts are linked below:

  • Candles

  • Blanket Sweatshirt

  • Resin Rings / Resin Rings

Gifts by hand:

  • We also like to see creativity and effort. You don't necessarily even have to get us a gift, but an experience. I know that my Valentine's Day would be complete with a picnic with my favorite foods and drinks. I'd be with my favorite person, I could take pictures, look at the clouds and enjoy the company. That shows me, you know what I like and you cared enough to put all the effort into giving me the perfect date.

  • Smaller things that I personally know that I'd enjoy are a basket with my favorite candies and maybe a Valentine's themed squishmallow to top it off.

  • A playlist. This may be an odd gift but spending time putting together all of the songs that remind you of your girlfriend or your relationship is so heart warming and will last a super long time.

For most people, it's not about the amount of money you spent, but the thought you put into it.

Long Distance:

If you don't already know this, I have been in a long distance relationship for the last two years of my life. Sometimes I wonder if we've been in different states than in the same state for most of our relationship. So fun! That's sarcasm if you couldn't tell. But lucky for you that pretty much means I am the expert at most things long distance and great gift ideas that seem to make those miles seem a little less. Below I included a few links of gift ideas if you are in a long distance relationship:

Gifts to make:

  • I would kill to have my boyfriend with me all of the time but since I don't, I have his sweatshirts instead. I love his sweatshirts because they smell like him. I saw this TikTok trend a while ago where you take unscented wax and pour your perfume or cologne in it and make essentially a candle with your s/o scent! I don't know if it sounds creepy to some, but my long distance relationship people probably feel me.

  • Next, I also saw another idea on TikTok: Buy an cork board on Amazon that's sharped like America with all the states outlined. For every state you have traveled with your s/o, glue a picture of the two of you in that state. Over time you can continue to add and maybe even fill up the map one day!

Gifts to buy:

  • The Love Box: This is a little message box that your s/o can send messages to you through an app. The heart spins every time you have a new message so you can get little daily reminders that your special someone is thinking about you.

  • Long Distance Lamps: These are two little lamps that you can sync through an app. When you turn it on or change the colors on one of your lamps, your s/o's lamp will also light up. I like to share a meaning to each color so we can basically communicate through color and light. If it's on blue then I'll know he's upset, if it's on pink then I'll know he loves me and so on.

  • Long Distance Bracelets: These are little bracelets that when you tap on it, you can send little vibrations to the person with the other bracelet. You also have the option to change the band color, so you can always be on trend.

  • Build A Bear: Before my boyfriend and I went back to being long distance, we made a trip to Build a Bear Workshop and made stuffed animals. Then we included a little recording of our voices inside the stuffed animal so whenever I'm missing him, I can click on the button and immediately hear his voice. It's super comforting.

  • There are also tons of websites to send stuffed animals and flowers to your s/o. Send a Friend/Fresh Sends


Are you doing a good ol' Galentines this year with your friends? Well I have the perfect gifts that say fuck men in so many words:


For my parents, I like to give them something we can do together or that they'll find meaningful.

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