Trend Alert: Bratz Doll SHoes

If you were an adolescent girl in the early 2000s you were probably either a Barbie or a Bratz fan. Bratz dolls were sort of the anti-Barbie with their oversized heads, dramatic make up, scandalous clothing and crazy platform shoes. Mothers and feminists both hated the dolls thinking they were sending all the wrong messages to us young impressionable girls. I always thought Yasmin, Chloe, Jade and Sasha celebrated diversity and for me personally, I thought they were style icons.

Regardless if you or your parents loved them or hated them, the Bratz are back...or at least their fashion is. Everything about their y2k style, the hair, their over-lined lips, low-rise jeans, baby tees, poorboy caps are on trend. We are basically all just life-like Bratz dolls at the moment.

More specifically Bratz doll shoes are one of the biggest trends in 2021. When I say Bratz doll shoes, I mean chunky, platform shoes. You may have been seeing them a little already but there is much more to come and those shoes are getting chunkier and taller by the minute.

Some of my favorite accounts wearing Bratz fashion:


Places to buy Bratz shoes:

Jeffrey Campbell 

Jeffrey Campbell sells funky, out there shoes - complete show-stoppers. They have an entire category on their website for platform shoes, all of which fit into the Bratz style. They also have shoes, other than platforms, that still give off the Bratz vibes. Below are a few of my favorites.

Sustainability Warning: Shoe manufacturers can be the worst eco offenders because the way the shoes are made. Jeffrey Campbell has launched a vegan leather shoe brand but the company's products are made in China. I'm trying to learn more about this company or man. From what I can tell, there is actually a man named Jeffrey Campbell who used to work at Nordstrom before he launched his own company. I love this shoe brand and these shoes but I am concerned about the lack of transparency so I might need to take them off my "fave shoe list" if I find out they aren't making efforts to become eco-friendly. Jeffrey, call me or email. We need to talk. I need to find out more about your vegan leather shoes, all your shoes actually.


Naked Wolfe

Naked Wolfe is also known for making fun, platform shoes. They are more on the neutral side which makes them different from Jeffrey Campbell but they still inhibit that Bratz style.

Sustainability: The brand – founded and produced by a humble family-run business - offers a small-but-sweet vegan range to its ethically responsible consumers, meaning you can stray from the unexciting high-street copies without worrying about what farm your shoes came from.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Famous Black
Willow Hot Pink
Violetta Green

Lexy Silverstein wearing Bratz platform shoes:

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