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Did you know that was a thing? If you didn't before, you do now. You can second hand shop on Amazon. How? Instead of searching for items in All Departments, search for products in Amazon Warehouse like you see below at the top of the Amazon website.

Amazon Warehouse Deals is a part of Amazon where you can get "used", "used like new", or "preowned and refurbished" goods. You'll likely get a better price and you're being more sustainable because you are buying a returned product. So you are giving it a new home instead of it being wasted.


My parents recently bought a preowned but refurbished Ring Video Doorbell for their house. They saved about $30 on the product and it worked perfectly. It's a win win!

Shopping on Amazon, like thrifting, is all about the hunt. It's a little harder work to buy used goods. Sometimes you'll only find one item and then when you finally decide to buy it, it will be sold out. When my parents bought their Ring on Amazon Warehouse, the one they bought was obviously gone. So for me to show an example of a used Ring, I had to find another one, which I did here. I have no clue if this Ring will still be here by the time you are reading this post.



I like this two-piece legging, sports bra yoga set. But like I said when you thrift on Amazon you have limited choices sometimes. This particular color only comes in XS. If you want a medium-large you'd have to choose the purple color.

3. BCBGMAXAZRIA One Should Knit Top.

I love this top I found on Amazon Warehouse and you won't believe how much you can save. I'll get to that in a minute. But first check out the picture.below. It says price and other details may vary based on size and color. This is typical when you shop at the Warehouse. So if you buy this top new, maybe there will be more color or size options. If you buy a used one, you may have limited choices but there can be huge cost savings.

Look at the next picture below. The used top is only available in black and a small. The new one is $96.17 and the used one is $13. Wow! So if you like black and you are a small, you just got a great deal thrifting on Amazon.

4. Strapless Bandeau Lace Bra

I love this strapless Bandeau.You'll notice for this particular piece of clothing, there is not a big difference in the price when it comes to "new" and "used like new". It ranges from $7.99 - $24.80. Personally, I'd rather buy the "used like new" one for other reasons...sustainability.

5. Harness Waist Bikini Chain Bra

This body chain shoulder necklace is listed on Amazon as "used like new" for $13.77. Prices similar to what you might find at a thrift shop.

6 . Back Corset Knee-High Heel Riding Boot

These really cute boots I found at Amazon Warehouse are made with vegan leather. They are adorable, on trend and only $14.75. They were purchased by someone else, worn, but returned. They are described as "used but in good condition".

Since these boots were definitely purchased and worn. See how they describe the wear and tear: Item has minor scuffs or defects on top surface. Item has minor scuffs or defects on sole. Item has minor scuffs or defects on inside surface. Item will come in original packaging.

is Amazon sustainable?

Amazon shares its big sustainable goals but historically has kept its current carbon footprint hidden. Their sustainable goals are to power their operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025 and reach net zero carbon by 2040.

How Else Can you shop Sustainably on Amazon?

1. Request plastic free packaging. You can click here and talk to a "bot". Just ask that all your future deliveries be plastic-free.

2. Shop Amazon Renewed for “like-new” computers and other refurbished electronics.

3. Start Using Amazon Second Chance: Did you know that you can trade in items for an Amazon gift card? Things like textbooks, amazon devices, video games, Kindle E-readers, and more are accepted?

4. Recycle: You can recycle all Amazon electronics for free. Don't let them end up in a landfill. Things like cell phones, tablets, e-readers, laptops, media players, small electronics, connected home devices (like wifi modems and Alexa, for example), headphones, video game consoles and accessories. You can print a label and mail it for free. Find out more information by clicking here.

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