The World's Best Senior Experience

2020 seniors....we didn't exactly get "the end" we dreamed about.

No Prom, No Graduation, No Fun! Our big celebration was a pretty generic virtual graduation, and for the most part isolation, during a time when seniors are usually trying to find the time to fit in all those last milestones and celebrations that help them transition to their next journey. It wasn't great for the Class of 2020 and I'm not sure it's going to be much better for the Class of 2021. This picture that Erica Land captured of me, sort of sums it all up, for the Class of 2020.

So if I couldn't have all those special moments, I decided I'd make my own memories by creating an experience - my own personal photoshoot. That's where Erica Land Photography comes in. I actually first met her when I was three, when she happened to be at my pre-school, and captured a picture of me that has been in my parent's foyer since then. I always loved that picture but didn't realize until years later that it was Erica who took that picture. Erica specializes in Senior Photography - but it's not your typical senior photo shoot. She makes sure it's a true experience. Personally, I felt like a model with lights, hair, and makeup. Camera, action ... and yes even, the wind blowing in my hair with my favorite music playing.

I went to Erica's studio for my first shoot. Even if you've never modeled before, she guides you through the poses and positions so you look like your a professional.

Erica also does location shoots. She'll go anywhere, you want to go. She'll get in the water with you, walk through the forest, long grass, she'll climb on ladders, she'll light smoke bombs. Seriously, there is nothing she won't do to get the perfect shot.

I wasn't able to go to prom but at least I got to dress up like a princess and have my Cinderella moment.... even if it were just for the cameras.

I love the photos, but I loved the experience, even more. Honestly, I've never met a photographer who cares so much about making the "photoshoot", a special and unforgettable moment. It truly felt like I was living out a fantasy.

If you want the most incredible senior experience, take it from me, there is no one better than Erica Land. And don't just think I'm talking to my girlfriends. Guys, this isn't just an experience for the ladies. Erica creates cool, edgy, sporty photos for the guys. Check out her website, see for yourself: Erica Land Photography.

Class of 2021, I hope you get your fantasy high school ending, your prom, and your graduation. I think high school seniors took them for granted for too long. Regardless of what happens, at least get your senior photography experience.

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