Two Sustainable Brands I'm in Love With

I'm going to tell you about 2 sustainable brands I've been loving lately. I love their clothes, their mission and guess what, they sell affordable clothing.

But first, story time: If you know me, you know three things about me. 1. I’ve got a major crush on Harry Styles. 2. I’m a fashion addict but try my best to buy sustainably and 3. I am a thrifting queen. Honestly my favorite stores are Goodwill and any store that has the word THRIFT in the title.

Thrifted Outfit

For example, one of my outfit below is 95% from thrift stores.

Lexy Silverstein Fashion Blogger Sustainable
Lexy Silverstein in Thrifted Outfit

Now, I’m not trying to get you to share my love for Harry… although I strongly suggest it. But I do hope to convince you to share my love for thrifting and sustainable fashion brands. So below, I'm going to share a few sustainable brands that have been eLEXYfy’d.


1. Change

CHNGE: I’ve changed and/or evolved, to educate myself about trying to be a more sustainable fashion addict. CHNGE is a brand that celebrates change and represents inclusiveness. It’s a gender clothing line that promotes diversity. It was developed by Jacob Castaldi when he was a junior in college. He started the brand because he wanted to save elephants so he sold a t-shirt and gave the proceeds to an international Save The Elephants charity.

But what Castaldi soon realized is that if he wanted to support causes by selling fashion, then he was creating another problem for our planet because the fashion industry is a massive polluter.

Thus CHNGE streetwear was born. The brand is transparent, sustainable and the company is philanthropic - they’ve given hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities that are important to them.

Important Sustainable Factoids for CHNGE:

  • Shirts are made out of 100% organic cotton

  • Use zero harmful chemicals or pesticides

  • Save 500 gallons of water for every shirt they produce

  • Use 62% less energy

  • Offset carbon emissions from their production

  • 100% carbon neutral

Here are some of my favor CHNGE fits:

  1. CHNGE: Violet/Lime Pieced Tie Dye Sweat Shorts

2. CHNGE: Violet Splotch Tie Dye University Hoodie

3. CHNGE: Mint/Mint Tie Dye Pieced Logo Zip Hoodie.

Lexy Silverstein Sustainable Clothing Brand
eLEXYfy'd Sustainable Clothing Brand CHNGE

4. Mint/Mint Marbled Pieced TD Sweatpant

5. CHNGE: Chalk Love Peace Sweatpants

6. CHNGE: Chalk Love Peace Hoodie

7. CHNGE: Splotch Tie Dye Logo Ribbed Tank (Violet)

2nd Sustainable Brand: Madness

2. Madness Clothing

Madness is a German fashion company that was founded in the mid 90s with the goal of producing comfortable clothing from natural materials, via sustainable means. They use materials such as certified organic cotton, merino wool from certified organic animal farming and linen, all of which are chemical free. Madness and it's entire production chain are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. Madness is also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and is focusing more on renewable energy. Both its warehouse and headquarters are run 100% on solar energy.

Here are some of my favorite Madness fits:

  1. MADDNESS: Heidi White Jacket

2. MADNESS: Heidi White Skirt

3. MADNESS: White Queen Top

4. MADNESS: White Queen Trousers

5. MADNESS: Queen White Top

6. MADNESS: Coco Red Top

7. MADNESS: Coco Red Trousers

8. MADNESS: Art Trouser

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