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Today we are talking about Carrie Bradshaw's hit fits. Now we all know that Carrie is a style icon. I mean how could you not love her. She has a wardrobe to last a lifetime. Every episode she hits us with a different aesthetic, different vibe, and of course, a different pair of heels. So it makes it really hard to rank her best fits when they're all so fabulous. But I'm about to try.

10. This fit is fabulous, don't get me wrong. It's epic Carrie but it's #10 because it doesn't totally do it for me. Other than a few minor details, this isn't an outfit I'd look at and say, "I want to recreate this" or "this matches my style." Even though... you know me, I love my mixing patterns, pops of color, and I love huge fur jackets. But I think there's just too much going on in this outfit to make me fall in love. Now let's talk the fit. She paired a mid-calf patterned dress with an electric blue vest. Then she paired a similar champagne colored statement belt to match the champagne dress. The belt has a different pattern than the dress, so we have a little mixing of the patterns action going on. But we aren't stopping there. We then throw on a fur coat with another pop of color, the pink scarf and then finally a pink hand bag, and some red heels. Then she's got the tule underneath the dress. I can't tell if it's a part of the actual dress or if it's just a layer she added. Then of course a Manolo Blahnik bag around her wrist... so classic Carrie. So wow, that's a ton. I always love a good layering outfit and I never get scared about overdoing it, resulting in a potentially ugly outfit. But I feel like this is just one thing thrown on top of another because she could. In my personal opinion, I would get rid of the hot pink scarf and pink bag, and replace it with either something neutral or something blue to go with the vest. I love the blue vest over the dress. It may be unconventional but hey, that's fashion! I don't hate the red shoes. I feel like they're not too out-there, like the pink scarf and bag. I'd prefer a color of shoes that ties the fit together a bit more. Either blue shoes or find a color in her dress. And even if that tule is not a part of the dress, we are 1000% keeping it. That might be my favorite part of the whole outfit. It's super unconventional with the dress. I feel like tule skirts, especially colored ones, are more of a 80's thing, while the dress is more of a 70's vibe... but I love it. It really shows how the tiniest detail can complete an outfit. And by the way, tule is making a comeback now in 2021.

9. This fit is the sole reason I wanted a fur jacket. I hope it's not real. There is no reason to buy animal fur when faux fur is so good. If your outfit isn't fabulous enough, throw a fur jacket over it and then you'll have instant fabulous. And I feel that's exactly what Carrie did with this fit. She's wearing a relatively simple little black dress maxi dress. The jacket makes the outfit. That's why I'm ranking it at nine. The jacket is the best part of this fit and by the way, super on trend now but it definitely could have been more Carriefyd. The other detail that I love is the cheetah print shoes. She's mixing patterns but staying in the animal print range.

8. Now, maybe I'm having a brain fart or maybe it wasn't in an episode, and only in a Sex and the City promo, because I simply cannot remember this fit. And I feel like I would 1000% remember a fit like this, not to mention, know everything about the exact scene in this episode. But even if it wasn't in an episode, it's just too good not to talk about. So you may be asking me, "Lexy, if you like it so much, why is it only rated number eight?" Well I'm someone who loves a good layering fit. I think there's a lot that goes into a fit other than just a dress, or just some pants with a top. So while this dress is fabulous and doesn't even need a jacket or anything else to make it better, there's not much to it other than the statement dress. But let's talk about this dress. I mean, WOW! It's like she has a tie-dye tutu coming out of her dress. I love the blue tie-dye with the textured pink dress. I feel like if there was one dress to describe Carrie's style it would be this one right here. There has also never been a more perfectly paired purse with a dress in all of history. This purse is so fun and goes along not only with the color scheme of the dress but also the vibe of the dress. It's fun and childish, in a good way. It's definitely giving me y2k vibes which is probably accurate because that's most likely when this photo was taken.

7. The iconic Carrie Bradshaw dress. Everybody knows this dress. It's literally in every episode because she wears it in the intro. It's iconic, amazing, super girly and gives me cupcake vibes because of the tule dress. I feel like I'm only ranking it seven because it's such an iconic dress but again there isn't much too it, it's just the Carrie Bradshaw dress. You think of Sex and the City, you think of Carrie walking around in this dress.

6. This is a darker Carrie look which we very rarely get. She is almost always wearing crazy prints and colors, and if not that then at least lighter colors, like white or pastels. But this is a perfect representation of how she can pull of any aesthetic. She pulls off the patterns, she pulls off the lighter colors, AND she pulls off the darks. The v-neck top is great and is a great way of showing off her statement skull necklace. And then we have a classic poofy skirt in black to go with the vibe of the fit.

5. This is a perfect example of what I mean when I talk about what goes into a statement outfit. It's not just a single piece of clothing. We have the red and white striped tank with the yellow-green vest paired with a statement belt overtop and a gray pleated skirt. To match with the stripe in the shirt we have some white and black striped heels. See how she pulled details from the top, to other parts of the fit, to pull it all together. If you don't know vests are making a huge comeback in 2021 and this is a perfect example of a way to style it. Although the colors are a little eccentric, I think that's what makes the outfit fun and I'm all for trying new color combos.

4. Ugh. I love this outfit so much. We have the matching white pants and white vest. This is another perfect way to wear a vest. Then to brighten up the outfit there's a pink and white striped button down, bringing in the white from the pants and vest to the shirt. That pink is just perfect. And then another pop of color, the black heels. This may come as a surprise but black can actually be a pop of color. If your eye is drawn to it because it pops, then it's a pop of color in my book. Sometimes it's risky to do multiple pops of color in one outfit but this outfit does it perfectly. She has a black tie (by the way ties are making a comeback) and it pairs perfectly with the black heels.

3. This outfit is more simple compared to the others but it's still one of my favorites. I am never someone to turn down a low-rise skirt or pants. I love the combination of the low-rise skirt with the super cropped top to really show off her stomach. The added fanny pack is such a fun detail. I wouldn't have thought to pair a fanny pack with this outfit. I likely would have just worn a wristlet. But I like the use of the fanny pack a lot. Plus, the checkered pattern is the perfect pattern clash for this outfit. I like that she changed her hair for every different fit because it shows that fashion is more than just clothes but also hair, nails, makeup, and so much more.

2. Okay, I know I have been talking a lot about mixing patterns lately but it's my new favorite. Carrie's outfit here is a great way of mixing patterns because she has a black and white patterned mid-calf skirt with a colorful, different patterned trench coat. If you're trying to get more into mixing patterns this is a great technique. Anything goes with black and white. If you pair a colored pattern over a different colored pattern it may be too much. They might fight each other although sometimes it works, it's just harder to figure it out. If you look at this outfit your mind sees more white and neutrals rather than colors or patterns. So this is perfectly done. Finally, she paired a white textured tank which adds a nice detail to the fit because it's technically a third pattern but it's all one color so again it doesn't over do it and just adds texture.

  1. And we have finally made it to my favorite fit of the show. The bright colors, the different patterns, the low-rise skirt. All of it is to die for. This outfit gives me one of those "Cosmo and Wanda, you ain't slick moments" because it's a green and a pink combo. This color combo is so fun, the pastels blend so well together. It's not too in your face but still make people stop and stare. The fact that it's a low-rise skirt, I love, but she didn't stop there and added a green belt on her stomach for the extra wow moment. Are you kidding me? The leaf pattern on the skirt with the polka pattern on the belt is the cutest. Even the fact that her shirt is tied and her sleeves are rolled up, makes me want to just give away my whole closet and just wear a fit like this everyday of my life.

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