Rating MTV Fits

Following the Brit Awards was the MTV Awards. So let's rank the fits baby!!

OBX Cast

The OBX Cast was fitted the fuck up for this award show. Jonathan Daviss, otherwise known as Pope, killed it in this brown and black look. The trench coat was so sleek and really gave him that cool guy look. Rudy Pankow, looked like such a cutie in his full monochrome black fit. And Madison Bailey absolutely stole the show in her colorful skirt that screams Lexy. But nothing compares to Madelyn Clyne and Chase Stockes' couple coordinated fits. Chase wore a beautiful mesh red top with a monochrome pantsuit. I'm obsessed! Love his bold fashion choices. And Madelyn's red mini dress is too cute. She looked absolutely gorgeous. They are such a cute couple. If you ask my boyfriend, he'd probably tell you that my favorite thing is when couples on shows date in real life and I love Chase and Madelyn together. They wore my favorite outfits at the award show.

 Addison Rae

Not sure how I feel about Addison's look. I do love the bold stomach jewelry. I think when wearing low-rise, that little extra added detail of the stomach bracelet really spices things up. The super tiny bra top was definitely a bold choice. Not sure how I feel about it. The monochrome black look is very sleek and the maxi skirt and blazer is not usually a combo I see. I like how it's different, trendy, and youthful while still being sophisticated.

Jurnee Smollett

This teal romper is fun. The shoes - are you kidding me? I love the tie detail the pulls the genie pants in. The cut outs on the side are super on trend which is great. The romper is definitely not my favorite but I love the unique shape of it.

Yvonne Orji

This colorful fringe dress is super fun. The color combo isn't necessarily my favorite but I'm all about funky color combos. In the past, I used to HATE fringe but recently I've been really loving it. It's so fun how could you not? I also really enjoy that the neon heels got well with the neon yellow in the dress.

Lana Condor

Lana's dress is amazing. Her sequined silver cheetah dress is too good. It is sophisticated meets fancy meets on trend. I'm also a sucker for a long-sleeved maxi dress. I don't know what it is about them but they find a way to make "conservative" a little more sexy!

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