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I live in DTLA which happens to be where the Staples center is located, which HAPPENS to be where the Grammys were last night. So my fashion loving, Harry Styles loving, Grammys loving ass happily made the ten minute walk over to the Staples Center to try to stalk celebrities and attempt to make the love of my life, Harry Styles, fall in love with me. While, I didn't manage to get up close to any celebs and their killer fits I did see the infamous "red carpet" and the stage where the award show was happening.

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Lexy Silverstein Ready for the Grammy's

So this was my stalker fit, that no celeb saw. Let's start with me. Sadly I was unable to get any famous designers to style me but I wore something that I think would make Harry proud. The pearls were just for him. And just so you know, everything but the beret is thrifted. I paired a multicolored vest with some silky blue pants to match the blue in the vest. I added a red bangle for an extra pop of color. Paired a matching blue beret to match the vest and the pants. Threw on some pearls, of course. And then you know me, I had to do some mixing patterns so I chose a cheetah handbag. I'd give this fit a 10/10 for fits, but a 4/10 for Grammy fits. I would definitely not wear this to the Grammys. Now onto the celebs.

10. Starting with my least favorite fit...Noah Cryus. I love me some Noah. She is super talented and such an inspiration. But her designer went really wrong with this outfit. The dress part of this outfit isn't bad. The neckline is not my favorite but at least it makes the dress more unique. But the shoulder piece.... NO! Her dad said it made her look like an angel but in my personal opinion it made the entire fit look like a crumpled up piece of toilet paper or a tampon. Noah herself looks gorgeous as always. I like her sleeked back bun with the two stands of hair hanging down. Her fun jewelry is a nice added detail. Look at those rings. Fabulous! But the overall look I would rate a 1/10

9. Taylor Swift's fit was too much. I know it's the Grammy's and over the top is what they all go for but..... it looked like she jumped in a tub of glue before she rolled around on a bed of flowers. Floral dresses are where it's at, don't get me wrong. I did like that her look matches the vibe of her new album. I also liked that her mask perfectly matched her outfit. But in my opinion this dress was too much. The flowers were overpowering and Taylor got gobbled up by the dress. I did love her blush shoes. But overall I give this a 2/10.

8. Moving onto Doja Cat. I LOVE the bottom of this dress. THE FEATHERS!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? BUTTTT with that, the rest of this dress is not doing it for me. Doja had a crazy good performance and she even whipped out her much loved Say So TikTok dance. But this dress didn't do her justice. The super structured top isn't very on trend. Although the green for the feathers is on trend, the mixture of brown and black just made it look dirty. I don't like the zipper detail of the dress. If she's gonna have a low-cut top just have it be low-cut, there was no need for a zipper. I do really like how well the shoes and the top match each other. That at least ties into the top part of the dress. I would give this fit a 2/10 but because of the feathers I'm giving it a 3/10.

7. Queen B. I mean she seriously broke the record for most Grammy wins ever by a female artist. I have never been more proud of a person I don't know. Last night was a huge night for her so my only question was why didn't she wear a fit that was a little more Queen B? I love the latex look of her dress and the matching gloves. That's so on trend right now. I love the huge statement earrings and her badass shades that she wore. Overall, I love the outfit but I feel like there's nothing to it. It's really just a plain black dress. I feel like knowing Beyonce she could do so much more. She's so fabulous so shouldn't her outfit be too? I would give this fit a 5/10 for lack of fabulousness.

6. Billie wore her classic patterned monochrome set with a matching mask, hat, gloves, nails, you name it. She always pulls off a good Gucci set. I love the slight hints of pink that bring in some spring vibes but also mixed with grey and black which I feel is much more her style. This fit is very cool but I would have liked her to switch it up a little. I feel like she always wears her classic monochrome sets. That's her brand but I'd like to see her go out of her comfort zone and try something new. I give this fit a 6/10.

5. Next is Lizzo. I love Lizzo and I love her friendship with HAZZA!! They're adorable. Lizzo had two big outfit changes throughout the night, both giving me very Spring 2021 vibes. The green and the pink colors are amazing. I love the iridescent look of the dresses. I also love how both dresses match each other very well but have different dress details and different colors. The only thing about these dresses that I'm not loving are the cut of the dresses. I like the ruffle theme but in the green dress I'd love for it to be little longer. The pink dress is a slit gone wrong. It simply looks like a chunk of the dress was cut off or forgotten. I love her accessories and shoes and I love how they pair back with the color or the dresses. I would rate these dresses a 6/10.

4. People are shitting on Harry's red carpet fit and I'm not happy about it. Of course, I'm a bit biased but that's not why I love his fits so much. You know me, I love mixing patterns. So seeing the King of Fashion mix patterns makes me so happy. I love his yellow booties and how they tie in with his blazer and sweater. He is giving off Cher from Clueless vibes in the best way. AND THEN THE FEATHER BOA!!!! I'M SCREAMING. I am literally going to buy a feather boa now because of Harry's style. I love the boa is a pastel purple because it adds another pop of color but goes with the light color scheme of the rest of the fit. He is so fabulous. AND THEN HIS PERFORMANCEEEEEEE!!!! He's so hot, I'm sorry but he is. The leather black suit with no shirt and then the green boa... *chefs kiss* perfection. It all started with a green scarf, if you know, you know. 10/10.

3. HER literally just looks like the queen she is. This velvet set with crystal detailing is everything. Velvet is not that on trend right now but I think she can make it a trend in the summer. The dark purple with the purple glasses is everything. This fit literally looks like Royal PJs Grammy-style. I also love that it's a long dress with pants underneath, very y2k vibes. She killed this look. 10/10.

2. This may have been Megan Thee Stallion's first Grammys but this will definitely not be her last. SHE BROUGHT IT. Her performance was my second favorite, behind Harry's, of course. She really pulled off four fit changes, three of which were just in her performance. In the beginning of her performance she wore a sexy and fabulous jumpsuit with an amazing cape that just showed us she's a queen. Then she changes, WHILE PERFORMING, into a diamond bodysuit. INSANE!! And finally ended the performance in another bodysuit but this one was an awesome silver metallic one. QUEEN SHIT. For her award show dress, she wore an amazing orange gown with a huge bow on it. The bow is what sold this fit to me but I also just love the bright color. She literally owned the Grammys yesterday.

  1. And finally, my absolute favorite look was from Due Lipa last night. I love the cutouts in the dress. When. you first glance at this dress, you would think it's a simple body con slit gown but it is much more. Looking up close, you see the diamond detailing and then the almost butterfly detail of the pink and blue crystals near the top of the dress. I also love the extra straps on the top of the dress, which is very on trend currently. Sheer is everything this summer. I love that the dress gives us an added sexy detail by making the bottom see-through but adding the pink bodysuit to go with the pink crystals. Finally, I love the strappy heels but I especially love the square toe cut. Overall, this dress is elegant and sexy, simple but fabulous, and my eye was drawn to it all night. 10/10.

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