The Sweatshirt of Your Dreams

I love this sweatshirt. It is a staple sweatshirt. Something I've never had before. The gaphic on the front of the sweatshirt is very unique and gived the whole look more of a streetwear look than anything else. It is an awesome dark teal color. Definitely, out of my comfort zone considering I don't own many other clothes with that color but also adds such a needed pop of color to my closet.

The shape of the sweatshirt itself is very unique. Again not like anything I have ever seen before. It has a turtle neck built into and doesn't cling to your body at the bottom like most sweatshirts do. It also has wide arm sleeves that also don't cling to your wrists like most sweatshirts do. I think I like it so much because of how much this sweatshirt isn't like other sweatshirts.

There are infinite ways to style this sweatshirt but my main three are: First, I would style this sweatshirt with a pair of bootcut jeans. Ones that are tighter at the top but flare out on the bottom. This will mimic the style of the sweatshirt since both the sleeves and the body of the sweatshirt somewhat flare out. If the jeans included some tears in them, mostly along the knee, this would match the streetwear style of the sweatshirt. Plus it will add a little needed skin to the mostly modest fit.

Second, I would pair this with a white or black tennis skirt. This as well mimics the style of this sweatshirt because its flares out at the bottom like any skirt does. A black tennis skirt would match the dark vibe of the sweatshirt, but if you want to lighten up the fit a little, white would also work perfectly. If wearing the black skirt, I would also wear a pair of black tights and then some pink, blue, or orangs socks. The tights and socks style is so on trend currently and is personally one of my favorites. Then, the pink, blue or orange socks help to match the socks with the graphic on the sweatshirt.

And for my final look, and something a little more out there, I would pair this sweatshirt with some colorful pants. I have a pair of black low rise jeans that have streaks of pink, red, orange, blue, and so much more on them. I think any kind of pants that have the colors of the sweatshirt on them would add a fun touch to this look. Or if you have some dark teal pants, go crazy with a teal monochrome fit. Check out @pink_selfir_design on instagram for more of their amazing pieces.


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