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Shop Cherri is a eco-friendly, USA based, ethically sourced underwear brand that you need to know about. Shop Cherri has not only amazing underwear but they also have an amazing message and that is something I think is a necessity when finding clothing brands. You can spend your money many places, so why not spend your money with companies who think like you do, who are aligned with your personal values.

Shop Cherri's mission is to create comfort for their clients at every minute. Now that doesn't just mean comfort in their clothes but that means being comfortable in our own bomb. ass. bodies. It's so important in this day and age, with endless amounts of social media, to remember that not everybody is the same, and that's okay. Actually, not only is that okay, but that's beautiful. Shop Cherri focuses on an individual's beautifulness by making their underwear for their clients of every size, color, and shape. Everyone should feel comfortable and sexy in underwear.

When shopping with Shop Cherri you are able to feel good about every purchase you make because with each Cherri purchase, they donate underwear and hygiene products to women in homeless shelters in the United States. Take care of yourself and help provide basic care for those in need. Everyone should have access to personal self-care because if you feel better about yourself on the outside, you'll feel more confident on the inside.

Now, let's get to the clothes themselves. The fabric used is organic so your skin and your va-jay-jay aren't absorbing any toxic bleaches or anything harmful. It is also super soft, thus more comfortable. Finally, it is just super cute. I literally wore this sports bra as an actual top because the red lace details allow you to dress it up or down.

So feel good when shopping with Shop Cherri. This product has been eLEXYfyd.

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