Things I Struggle With While Taking Photos

I am not a perfect. And there are things about myself and my body that I am incredibly proud of and then there are things about myself and my body that I also am super insecure about. We live in a time where social media is a big part of what makes us insecure. We are constantly seeing videos and pictures of people that have what is called "the ideal body type" but just because it's what other people think is the "ideal body type" doesn't mean it's true. Update: it's 2021 and there is no ideal fucking body type. I never want to hear that phrase again. Is it just me or is it not weird that there are "body trends"? Like when my mom was my age, it was on trend to not have a butt. Back then, when people said "does my ass look fat" that wasn't a good thing. But nowadays, everyone just wants a butt. And someone telling you your ass looks fat is the biggest compliment in the world. That shouldn't be a thing. You should just have your body and that's that.

But still with that there are things I am insecure about. And then there are other things I also used to be insecure about and now I love and I'm trying to work on loving all of the things I hate about my body. So let's normalize things. Let's normalize not having the ideal body type. Let's normalize cellulite and rolls and stretch marks and everything. Let's just be us!

Take me....I come with cellulite. I didn't notice for a very long time that cellulite was what was giving this texturing on my stomach but once I learned what it was, I was super insecure about it. Every time I wore shorter tops that showed off my stomach, you would see cellulite and I hated it. It made me stop wearing shorter tops for a while. But now I am trying to embrace it. The other day I went out and took some photos in a crop top and didn't try to cover up the cellulite. If people want to judge, let them. And if you have friends in your life who judge, they aren't people you really want in your life. Now the cellulite might not be obvious to you but you know when there's just one thing you hate so much, it's the most obvious thing ever....cellulite is that for me.

Rolls and back fat is the next thing I am insecure about. I definitely used to be more insecure about the way my stomach and back looked than I am now. Now I've realized everyone has something that they don't like about their body. Even the skinniest human being can have rolls when they sit down. So if everyone has flaws, why hate them? Let's embrace them.

I have been working out more because I wanted to get in shape both physically and mentally. And since, my new mindset about embracing my flaws, I've noticed that I have a better attitude about working out.I don't dread it like I used to because I am doing it for myself, my health and to feel good rather than to look a certain way.

When I was in the eighth grade, I broke my nose and I never got it fixed. So when I noticed there was an obvious difference between the way it looked before and the way it looks now, I immediately became insecure. I used to enjoy my side profile and now every time I take a picture to the side, all I can see is my imperfect nose. I hate it. But no no no, no more. Now I'm embracing my nose. Although, there is a part of me I have to fight off, the part of me that wants to get a nose job and fix my flaw. I'll keep fighting and just try to accept it for what it is. There may be a bump I can't seem to "not see", but no nose is perfect. In fact, literally everyone has a different nose. So, this is just my nose, it's bumpy and broken but I love it or I'm learning to.

Finally, my longest held insecurity. Most of the insecurities came with age and certain events but this one, I have been made fun of since my sixth grade year. I was probably ten or eleven when people started making fun of me for having a tiny butt. And like I mentioned earlier, butts are on trend for bodies, which is stupid. Since I was made fun of for having "no butt", I wouldn't wear certain clothes because they would flatten my ass even more. I also wouldn't take pictures from the side because I didn't like to show off the fact my butt was little. Now, I don't care. I am a proud member of the itty bitty booty community and I am here to stay.

So if there is something you are insecure about, I understand. We live in a world where it's easy to project so-called "perfection". It's like we are taught to compare ourselves to others and feel bad when we aren't as perfect as they are. And are they perfect? Or did filtering and PhotoShop make them appear perfect? But no more! We can't accept this. Let's make a movement - spread positivity about the things we are most negative or insecure about. The positive movement, or the love movement, or the body movement! We are going to look in the mirror every single day and tell ourselves that the thing we used to hate, we love now. And I promise you, you will start to believe it. I love your body so you should too!

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