Pattern Clashing

I love pattern clashing, when you pair different busy prints together to make a statement outfit.

In order to be a pattern clasher you have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone. It's definitely riskier styling but when it works, it's literally art.

Some basic rules to Pattern-Clash-Proof your wardrobe:

1. Keep it in the family

Lexy Silverstein on Pattern Clashing, Mixing Prints. Fashion Trends 2021
Pattern Clashing: Think of black and white as a neutral, it works with everything & then coordinate similar shapes.

The reason this pattern clash works is for a few reasons. First of all, think of my cow print pants as a neutral. Black and white matches everything. So if one of your patterns is a neutral then it's easier to pair with a more colorful print. The other reason these mixed prints pair well is because even though the sweater isn't cow print is has the same basic shape. The shapes aren't fighting each other.

2. Coordinating Colors

Lexy Silverstein Fashion Blogger Pattern Clashing
Lexy Silverstein Pattern Clashing with Coordinating Colors

These Mixed Patterns, stripes and graffiti type print work because I'm using the same color scheme. My stripped sweater is black and white and black and white is prominently displayed throughout the pants. The pops of color in the pants just make this combination pop.

3. Polka Dots and Stripes Almost Always Work

Lexy Silverstein Pattern Clashing Fashion Blog.  Hannah @TheThriftedThreds
Pattern Clashing: Same Color Scheme, Smaller Polka Dots on Skirt

This fashionista has got it together. A shoutout to Hannah, Instagram handle @TheThriftedThreads who is pairing prints perfectly. Say that three times in a row. This isn't your typical stripped pattern, it's more stripe meets Zebra. But anyway the reason this works so well is for two reasons, she's using the same basic color scheme and then the smaller polka dots on the bottom don't fight, but compliment, the Zebra patterned top. Brilliant pattern clashing.

4. Mixing Stipes

Lexy Silverstein @LexySilverstein Fashion Blogger
NikaBoles @WhatNickaWore Illustrates Perfect Pattern Clashing

Another salute to fellow Instagram Influencer, @WhatNickaWore . Look at her stripe on stripe. A brilliant way to pattern clash is to follow exactly what she did. She paired bolder stripes with smaller stripes in the same color scheme. I loved how she paired a striped bag with her entire look. Beautifully done!

5. Bold Prints with Delicate Prints Pattern Clashing
The Style Stalker on Pairing Bold Prints with Delicate Prints

This photo on @TheStyleStalker 's Instagram account shows how bold patterns go so well with delicate patterns. The key is to pick a color from your bold print and use that color for your delicate pattern for a perfect pairing


Lexy Silverstein Fashion Blogger Pattern Clashing
Lexy Silverstein illustrating how two neutrals with different patterns makes pattern clashing work.

The reason this pattern clashing outfit works is because both top and bottom are neutrals. The zebra striped brown top and the black and white cow print pants should be consider neutrals.

7. Monochromatic Pattern Clashing Pattern Clashing Illustrates the Perfect Monochromatic Pattern Clashing

This pattern clashing works well became it's basically monochromatic. It also works because you are mixing thin stripes with a bold pattern. beautifully done!!!

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