O'WOW Smoothing Treatment

I recently had the privilege of trying the O'WOW Smoothing Treatment and let me tell you, it really made me say "O WOW." The treatment lasts up to three months, it gets rid of frizz, restores damaged hair, cuts blow out time in half, and of course saves money because you don't have to go to the salon!

How to do it:

First, I drenched my hair with the smoothing treatment. Once my hair was completely wet, I let the treatment set for an hour. By the end of the hour, the treatment in my hair actually dried. Then I washed the treatment out with water only. Finally, I blew out my hair. After it was fully blown out, my hair felt super soft and silky. The treatment reactivates every time you add heat to your hair whether it be with a blow-dryer or a straightener.

This treatment not only felt amazing but was also a lot of fun to do. It's near impossible to get a spa day theese days with COVID. So if you're in a funk, feeling down, or just want something fun to do, this treatment is for you.

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