Meejee is a facial cleansing massager that purifies and revitalizes skin to a degree that is impossible to achieve with hands alone. While hands, washcloths, and spinning brushes only clean the surface of skin, meejee is able to clean and treat skin where it counts - below the surface, inside of pores.

In the past I have used products like this and it tend to over exfoliate my skin and completely irritate it. That ended up making my skin break out even more. But with the MEEJEE cleansing massager it's made of an ultra soft antimicrobial silicone that doesn't irritate skin or grow bacteria. So it won't cause you to break out more and will just focus on fixing any acne or other skin issues you are having.

Meejee's massager pulses and those pulses are able to destroy blemishes at the source by breaking apart and vibrating out acne-causing impurities from the depths of pores while promoting collagen production and blood circulation to accelerate your skin's healing process.

Meejee is a sustainable skincare. They're committed to making change - for you and your skin, and for Earth and her ecosystems. They are working towards integrating recycled materials into all of their products and packaging, your meejee purchase goes directly to removing 4.4lbs of plastic from the ocean. All while your meejee cleans deep, fights bacteria, and helps you unlock the skin of your dreams.

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