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Let's face it during the pandemic our style has changed slightly. We want to be stylish but comfort is right up there on the importance barometer. That's why LA Relaxed is my new go-to. In this picture, you'll see I"m wearing The Athlounge Bundle. I love this set. It's looks great together but it's so versatile I've worn the different pieces to make several different outfits. I've worn the shortie with several different tops. The bralette can be used a bra but also as a top. I can work out in it or I can layer it with a blazer or another shirt for a more modern dressed up look.

This particular bundle offers their Athlounge separates made of Eco performance lyocell jersey and a cozy organic cotton graphic sweatshirt to layer over anything. The bundle includes one Sequence Bralette, one Soular Shortie, and an Amour Organic Sweatshirt. $182 Value. They also sell it in two different colors.

Of course, if you know anything about me, you know that fashion and comfort aren't the only reason I support brands. I'm not a fan of fast fashion and brands that aren't making quality, sustainable products in an eco-friendly manor. So that's another reason I love LA relaxed. Not only are their clothes amazing but they are conscious about our environment.

All of their fabrics are ethically produced in Los Angeles. Yay! I love that. They have six main fibers that they use for their products. First, they use organic cotton grown without pesticides from GMO-free seeds. It's grown using rainwater and prevents chemicals from seeping into the soil and groundwater making it safer and healthier for farmers and their communities. Next, is their TENCEL™ LYOCELL made primarily from the Eucalyptus plant. The final fabric is naturally antimicrobial and breathable with an ultra-soft handfeel.

Finally, their TENCEL™ MODAL is made from sustainably grown Beech trees and processed using the same closed loop system as Lyocell. Their linen is derived from the flax plant which uses a minimal amount of water and can be grown without fertilizer or pesticides. Their hemp is a soil enriching crop, as well as being pesticide free. Finally, their EcoViscose is derived from sustainably harvested and processed wood pulp to ensure it is not contributing to deforestation.

So not only are they making an effort to be trendy and comfortable but also sustainable. That's such an important aspect to a brand especially for our generation. LA Relaxed's goal is to show people that being relaxed is about knowing and accepting who you are and where your unique place is in your world. Being comfortable with yourself, body and mind and soul. That's a mission I think we can all support. This product has definitely been "eLEXYfy'd".

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