Rating Inauguration Fits 2021

Can you believe we have finally made it? We are living in a country where Trump isn't our President. What a relief. The inaugration, a few days ago was a beautiful event not only becuase it was literally beautiful but it meant was to be beautiful too. It was like the restart of us living in a country with a president who actually cares about the people and for the people. It wasn't just an inauguration but a WHOLE. DAMN. FASHION. SHOW! I mean did you see what everyone was wearing?!? It was insane. It was almost as if all these powerful, independent women made a groupchat to discuss who was going to wear which color for their monochromatic fit.

  1. Starting off with Michelle Obama. Fun fact, when I was a kid, I went to the Easter Egg Roll at the White House and actually got to hug THE Michelle Obama while she was First Lady. Her monochromatic dark magenta fit may have been one of my favorites. And if not THE favorite then definitely in the top three. Did you see the one video where someone was announcing that she had made it to the White House, and then followed with the fact that she was accompanied by Barack Obama. She literally is so amazing that she outshines her husband, the FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. As. she. should. I love how long her pants are in this outfit, it's giving me total Harry vibes. And that trench coat, are you kidding me? Totally on trend. But my absolute favorite part of this fit is the statement belt. Without it, this fit wouldn't be what it was! Also, I love the little detail of the matching black gloves with the black mask making her make fashionable. No detail was missed. 100/10.

2. Moving on to my QUEEN, Lady Gaga. Tell me she isn't giving off "Effie" from Hunger Games vibes. The

huge gold bird pendent is the best part of her fit. And that bird totally reminds me of the mocking jay symbol in the Hunger Games. Right? Or just me? The skirt is so Lady Gaga. A big statement to her outfit that just totally represents her style in a nutshell. Even her hair is fashionable. And please don't forget your hair when thinking about your outfit. Lady Gaga added a personal touch with this hair piece that matched both her outfit and hair. Did you notice that even her ear piece matched with her outfit? She had a gold earpiece to match with her gold earrings. She really makes every little detail count. 50/10.

3. How does JLO keep getting bettter with age? This Chanel fit might take place over Michelle's outfit because COME ON. You cannot go wrong with a full Chanel monochromatic fit. That hat. Those pearls. The gloves. The trenchcoat. I could talk about every inch of this outfit because WOW. I love the tecture of the hat and how it matches with the texture of the jacket. I'm a huge fan of styling jewelry over gloves but haven't gotten a chance to style it myself. JLO did an amazing interpretation of this trend. The big statement earrings are always a plus to any outfit and I like the mixture of pearls in the bracelet with diamonds in the earrings. 10000/10.

4. Jill Biden did not just pull off one monochromatic outfit. Not two monochromatic outfits. But three amazing monochromatic outfits througout the day and night. And it just got better with each outfit change. The first fit was this beautiful all blue outfit. I'm obsessed with the fur lines jacket she wore because it's actually totally on trend. The pearls were super sophisticated and went perfectly with the outfit. And again even the gloves and the mask matched the outfit perfectly. The next fit is probably my least favorite of all three but I still love it. The little ribbon bow was an awesome addition to the jacket. My favorite part of the second outfit is probably that the gloves aren't the same purple as the entire rest of the fit. This makes them pop in an outfit of nothing but color. I also enjoy her patterned mask! Finally, the white fit is amazing. Def giving me JLO vibes because their outfits are very similar. The white gloves and even the tiniest design on the mask adds to the outfit. 100/10!

5. Amanda Gorman's Prada outfit is to die for. This color combo is everything. I love that the yellow is paired with the red headband because that isn't a typical color combo. That just proves that you can literally wear whatever you want. Just because most people wouldn't pair yellow with red, doesn't mean it doesn't look good. Exhibit A: Amanda Gorman. Plus, look at that ROCK on her finger. That is a statement ring if I've ever seen one. I'm not gonna lie, one of my favorite parts of this outfit are the buttons on the jacket. They might be the tiniest detail but they add so much to the outfit. The yellow outline with the diamond on the inside combines the yellow on the jacket with the ring she's wearing and really pulls the outfit together. Amanda is truely an amazing person with amazing style! 1000/10.

6. Kamala Harris, ladies and gentlemen. Out of all of the monochromatic fits everyone wore this one definitely isn't my favorite. Not to disrespect our amazing Vice President, I just feel compared to the other fits this one is a little more on the bland side. The bright purple is amazing and definitely draws a lot of attention to her but other than that it's just a dress with a trenchcoat. I wish that this jacket had some texture on it, I think that would spice it up a lot. We haven't seen any patterns yet so maybe a purple patterned dress with a textured trenchcoat would've made me like this outfit more. I also would've loved to see some bright heels. Maybe another colored heel like Amanda Gorman's outfit. I love some "out there" color combos. I still love this outfit and Kamala pulls it off like no one could. I just wish it had a little more umph. 10/10

7. Meena Harris gave us lots of prarie girl vibes with her pleated ruffle green-blue dress. I love the dress. I feel like it's the kind you would wear to run through the fields in a romantic novel if you know what I mean. The color is bright which definitely makes it the focal point of this outfit. I love the fur lined jacket as well. It's super on trend! But in my opinion, it completely takes away from the dress. Like I said the dress is the focal point and the jacket just doesn't allow it to shine. I would've loved a different coat in the similar color range to make the outfit more of a statement together rather than each individual piece being it's own statement. 8/10.

8. Everyone is talking about Emma Emhoff's outfit but personally it isn't my favorite. Don't get me wrong it's great but it kind of reminds me of something someone would wear in the 1800's. Just compared to the other colorful outfits we've been seeing, it doesn't bring much to the table. It is the first patterned outfit we saw at the event, so I love that it's different from the other's but it still isn't doing much for me. My favorite part of her outfit it the orange gems on the shoulders. It's totally original and that adds so much to the outfit.

9. Natalie Biden's outfit is super trendy. The boots and the long trenchcoat are literally what I was talking about in my other blog post about pairing long dresses with tall boots and she pulls it off perfectly. Of course, I love that the mask matches with the jacket! And the pink is a perfect pink to match with the brown boots. If it was more of a hot pink I would've said to pair it with black boots but I think this color combination works really well together. Again, it's not the most out there fit but it's still cute. 9/10

10. I mean come one, you didn't really think I was going to talk inauguration fits and not talk Bernie Sanders. Look at him. He's adorbale. Those gloves!! The Jacket!! The mask!! Truely a fashion icon. He really took the lead with this outfit. Literally nothing could compare! 10000000000/10

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