Is Your Fav Jeans Killing the Planet?

The World's Most Popular Clothing Might Also Be The Most Dangerous

Lexy Silverstein clean fashion sustainable denim jeans
Lexy Silverstein in Thrifted Jeans, The Easiest Way to Have Sustainable Jeans

Jeans are an American fashion statement that’s become a global addiction. Seriously, jeans might just be the most popular article of clothing in the world.

But... did you know that when it comes to the fashion industry’s impact on the environment, the denim industry is one of the HARDEST on our planet? Between the washes, dyes and chemicals and THEN…. the fact it takes between 998 and 2000 gallons of water to make JUST ONE pair of jeans. Wow! Let that settle in, 2000 gallons for one pair of jeans. That’s the same amount of water an entire family of 4 would use in 3-4 days.

So that’s the bad news… the good news. Some denim companies are trying to change things.


Levi’s appears to be working hard to reduce their pollution. They are reducing their water consumption by making 80% of its products using a “Water Less” Technique/ They have promised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and eliminate hazardous chemicals used to dye and treat denim. Environmental groups are watching them closely and have given them a “good rating” for their work on helping the environment. They also recycle old jeans. Customers can drop off any jeans from any company at a Levi’s store, they’ll recycle the jeans and you’ll get a 20% off coupon.

10 Other Sustainable Denim Brands According to The Good Trade

  1. Boyish

  2. Buck Mason

  3. Bluer Denim

  4. Nudie Jeans

  5. Warp & Weft

  6. DL1961

  7. Mott & Bow

  8. Reformation

  9. Able

  10. Citizens of Humanity

Every single year there are 450 million pairs of jeans sold in America alone. There are 513 denim mills worldwide. Everyone buys jeans, whether you are wealthy and buy a pair of Gucci jeans for $3,134 or you fall in love with a $40 pair at Old Navy. But let's face it, we don't need to buy anymore NEW jeans. There are enough jeans on the planet to last a lifetime so the best solution to sustainable jeans is to buy used ones.


I buy nearly all my jeans from a thrift or second hand store or online at Depop or ThredUP. You can get amazing deals and personally I love vintage jeans so much better than anything I'd buy at a retail store.

Lexy Silverstein Clean Fashion Sustainable Influencer
Lexy in Thrifted Jeans. The best sustainable jeans are used jeans.

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