House of sunny aw'20 vol.16

So guys, in like the least dramatic way possible, I could cry over House of Sunny's latest line drop. May I please meet the designer that works with House of Sunny, treat them to a nice candlelit dinner, maybe a walk along the beach, and then marry them. I need this creative genius in my life. House of Sunny has always been killing it. But they've been particularly poppin off lately. I remember when cow print was first a trend, House of Sunny had the best pair of cow print pants. That was my very first purchase from this company. Even though the cow print trend is less of a thing, I will literally keep those pants forever.

S E T S:

This monochromatic set is amazing. The fur lined cardigan is adorable and very on trend. I feel like the fur lined coats are a staple for House of Sunny. Compared to the the other items in this drop, this set isn't my favorite. It's a good "basic" when compared to the rest of the line but like I said, it's more basic. I love the texturing detail in this set. The zig zag lines going down the whole fit is a super cool added detail that makes this set a little more standout.

This set is 1000% my favorite of all of the sets in their line. The top is super original. I love the cutout. The sage green with the blue and orange is such a pretty pastel color combination. I love the pattern. And the great thing about such original sets is you can pair them with other items and make even more original fits.

I like the neutrals on this fit, it's different from most of their other sets which include more color. The front slit on the pants is a nice added detail. It would look great with a nice pair of cowboy boots or a shoe with a pop of color. I also like that this set is a different style from the others. You have the oversize button down top which is super fun and can be paired with a ton of different pants and skirts.

I love the variation too with all of their sets. This goes hand and hand with the previous set. The top is super cute and gives a completely different vibe to the set.

Finally, their tie-dye set. Again, I love the texturing to this fit. It's the same as the monochromatic blue set above. All the different versions of this set design are super original and colorful. I'm in love.

D R E S S E S:

This is their classic dress style. I think the cut-out hole in the back is super cool. We are having a backless moment in fashion and this is a new way of doing that style. The color combo is pairing two of the Pantone colors of the year. It's not a color combination you see together all the time and that's why I love it so much. Their dresses typically have the same pattern which the classic circle, so I enjoy that this dress has a slightly different style. I also love the way they styled this. I wrote an entire blog about wearing boots with long dresses and they did a perfect job of doing so.

This is the classic circle design I was talking about. Most of their "Hockney" dresses have a tighter fit throughout the entire dress so I love that this one actually flares at the bottom. The color is a such a perfect happy blue. You know how sage green is currently in right now, well in my personal opinion this is going to be the next big color.

S W E A T E R S:

Chunky knit sweaters and fur lined coats are a huge trend currently and House of Sunny is a go-to place to get these. This is one of their classic fur lined coats and they have in a bunch of different patterns. Stars used to be a huge trend when it comes to patterns, so I love how they took that trend and made it their own. They didn't use the classic five point stars but a more realistic looking star.

This sweater gives me psychedelic vibes. The valor stripes that fade into a flowery shape is so original. But they didn't stop there, they added mushrooms and flowers. Like how cute! I can totally see someone wearing this, unbuttoned with either and orange, pink, green, or yellow top. With this cardigan that has so many colors, you can pair with so many different items.

Sweater vests are huge and this one is to die for. The little swan is such a cutie. The color combos are adorable together and I love how they paired it over their green jumpsuit. That combo works perfectly together.

J E A N S:

I used to have a pair of bubble gum pants when I was in elementary school and these totally remind me of them. This pattern is the most original pattern I have ever seen. I would kill for these pants.

These pants are super cool but they're not my favorite compared to everything else in this line drop. I really like the swirl on the pants. Patchwork pants are very in right now and this is such a fun take on the trend. This is a more basic pair of clothing with the black and the white so you could definitely pair it with a more colorful top and shoes to make it pop. If you're looking for a cool pair of pants but you aren't into clothing thats like super out there, this is a great find.

J A C K E T S:

These are three jackets that will be "forever jackets" meaning that even if they technically go out of style, they'll become vintage pieces that will be treasured. The bright colors and the different styles make it so you are able to wear them with so many different fits. Plus, these jackets, once paired over any outfit, makes the outfit immediately fashionable. In my personal opinion, the last one is my favorite. The little swirl designs are so cool.

House of Sunny is probably my favorite online store of all time. Not only do they have amazing clothing but they're also sustainable. They produce two seasonal collections a year to set the design team at a slower pace, allowing them time to research and then source sustainable fabrics and manufacturing methods. They even consider sustainable fashion when dealing with their transportation of goods and their packaging. Primarily they're an e-commerce retailer and on average, e-commerce uses about 30% less energy than traditional retail spaces. They have a zero waste is our goal as well.

I've made the decision to invest in one of these items because they're so amazing so let me know which you think I should get on my Instagram: @lexysilverstein.

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