Have You Heard of Solid Shampoo?

Ya me neither...until I met HiBAR. This is one of the most interesting products I think I've ever seen, but interesting in the best way. Usually, I wash my hair with the standard liquid shampoo and conditioner but recently I started using the HiBAR shampoo and conditioner bar. HiBAR's goal was to get rid of plastic in the ocean because by 2050 there is predicted to be more plastic than fish in the ocean. Oy, that's scary isn't it?

So rather than your regular shampoos and conditions in plastic containers, you have a bar of shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. Pretty cool concept right?

There are three different kinds of shampoo and conditioner types that HiBAR sells. The "Maintain" bar, the "Moisturize" bar, and the "Volumize" bar. The "Maintain" bar is normal hair: for people who wash their hair less frequently and the gentle removal of product buildup. The "Moisturize" bar is for thicker hair: for dry hair that typically needs extra conditioning. The "Volumize" bar is for thin, fine or lifeless hair: it brings body and fullness without adding weight. Plus it controls frizz and those flyaways.

Personally, the Volumize bar is my go-to because I have very thin hair that rarely has any life to it. It constantly looks too flat and never naturally has body to it. The Volumize bar has helped to give that life it has been missing and a little extra oomph. Also, just to let you know all HiBar products are color-safe so if you highlight or color your hair, there will be no problems.

I really enjoy the products but more specifcally I really enjoy the message behind the product. It's "Goodbye Plastic, Hello HiBar. Save the World and Look Good Doing it". This is a earth-healthy alternative to regular shampoo and conditioners, not to mention an effective product for your hair. Sounds like a good deal to me.

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