Places to Find Funky Pants

Funky pants are the holy grail of all 2021 trends. When I say funky, I mean one-of-a-kind, original, CRAZY. Pants that you literally could wear nothing else and the outfit would be complete just because of the pants, although I probably don't recommend doing that. I'm talking about statement pants. I'm talking argyle, clover, basketweave, imperial, lattice, damask, any print you can think of, I want to see on pants. Zebra, cow, cheetah, tiger, I could go on forever

The ten most popular places I go to for funky pants are all listed below and I'm gonna tell you how I would style a few.

1. Paloma Wool

With the No 717/ Kent pants from Paloma Wool, I would branch out and wear a blue top with it. A blue top with these pants doesn't exactly match but that's why I love it so much. There are so many colors in the pants, why not branch out even more and add more color! Then I'd pair it with a bright green trench coat with huge fur lining. You know, like those ones you see all over Pinterest. This keeps with the bright color theme but the green trench ties in with the pants because there is green in the pants. I WISH I had these pants so I could

make this fit.

2. Lisa Says Gah

With the Robyn Jeans from Lisa Says Gah I would pair it with a purple patterned top. I have this great top with light and dark purple swirls all over it that I thrifted that would look perfect with these pants. This would make a great monochrome purple fit but definitely not a bland monochrome fit. I love mixing patterns. I think it adds a much needed spice to a fit.

3. No Dress 67

The Hollow Out Pirate Janes are to die for. They don't need a huge crazy top to make the outfit a one-of-a-kind. For this fit I would just keep going with the cutout theme and wear a white cut out top. One of the ones where the seam is a different color then the fabric and some of the seams aren't cut off of the shirt.

4. Hosbjerg

The green unique pants from Hosbjerg I would pair it with a white cropped tank top. Then some amazing green booties. And finally the same green fur lined coat that I mentioned in the first fit.

5.Holiday the Label

For the Argyle pants from Holiday the Label, I'd pair them with an argyle sweater. And under the sweater, I'd wear an oversized white button down so that the two different argyle patterns weren't clashing too much.

6. Simonett

I'd wear the Wave pleated pants from Simonett with a colorful button down! But I wouldn't button it all of the way, I'd probably leave one or two buttons actually unbuttoned so that it shows a little skin still.

7. Adika

The Washy Tie-Die Jeans from Adika could literally be paired with anything. Tie-Dye is always in I don't care what anyone thinks. It's here to stay. It's become a staple just as animal prints. You could literally wear anything!

8. Jaded London

For the Landscape pants from Jaded Londed I would pair a cream button down with yelow stomach corset overtop. A corset that lines right under the chest. The yellow would go in with the yellow of the pants and the cream matches with the cream in the pants as well.

9.House of Sunny

With the Dalmatian Jessie Pants from House of Sunny I would pair a black and white patterned top woth some red booties to add a pop of color. This is another take on the mixing patterns trend and then add a showstopper element with the extra color.

10. Princess Polly

Finally, for the Too Cool pants from Princess Polly, I'd

take a bright orange crop top and pair it underneath a blue jacket, one of the jackets that has feathers coming out of the cuffs of the sleeves. This outfit has lots of color but if you haven't noticed that is a common theme between all of these fits! I love colorful fashion. It's unique and just fun and all of these pants add to that.

Some of these brands are definitely on the pricey side but here's a cost-savings hack for you. I always like to look up the name of the type of pants I'm looking for and then go to DEPOP, Poshmark, Ebay, and Etsy to see if anyone is selling it for a cheaper price. That is also sustainable option! Here are some fun pants I've gotten off of DEPOP:

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