Thicc Shampoo and Conditioner

I've always had pretty thin hair. My hair never has volume, doesn't hold color well, and very rarely holds curls or any kind of texture. All my life I have been looking for a shampoo or hair product that gives me volume. And guess what? I finally found it!

The Derma-E thickening shampoo and conditioner has been the solution to all my "thin-hair" problems. This invigorating shampoo is formulated with a unique blend of naturally-derived proteins, vitamins, and oils to create an effective thickening formula that nourishes the scalp and hair follicles. The conditioner is enriched with gentle exfoliating Willow Bark and nourishing Peppermint Oil to help support a healthy scalp. Ultra-hydrating Argan Oil helps to soften hair while Biotin helps to promote healthy hair and noticeably softer, stronger and rejuvenated strands. It left my hair feeling incredibly soft and increased the volume. The Willow Bark and Peppermint Oil leaves my hair smelling amazing for days. My hair is already starting to feel thicker and stronger.

The best part about Derma-E is that it is GMO free, cruelty free, 100% vegan, gluten free, soy free, and recyclable. Generation Z, it's important for us to support brands that support a circular economy and Derma-E is one of those brands.

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