My Ten Favorite DEPOP Shops

DEPOP is my pride and joy. The love of my life. My everything. I always find the coolest, most unique pieces on DEPOP. Things that you wouldn't see many other people have.

DEPOP is a thrifting app, so if you're not in the mood to go to a thrift store or if you're just staying safe during these difficult times, DEPOP is the app for you. The way it works, is someone or some brands thrifts, gives away, or makes something and posts it on the app.

What I love about DEPOP is that you are reusing, recycling, and upcycling clothing. It's preventing people from buying a cheap shirt on SHEIN, for example, washing it once, having it go to crap, and then throwing it out. You are wearing a piece of used clothing or you upcyle it, turning it into something else and then selling it, or just reselling it, in general, so someome else can get a second life out of it. I love seeing circular fashion in action.

Another plus is, depending on the store, you can negotiate the pricing of certain items. The majority of the stores have a bundle deal, meaning if you buy more than one thing from the store you can get a percentage off. And a lot of stores that I have bought from have been super nice about negotiating. A lot of things are already so inexpensive on DEPOP but being able to debate the price even further is a huge plus. Either way, you are definitely getting a discount on the item compared to the original price the owner purchased it for.

The ten stores I check when I first get on the app:

  1. @nikkiqiao

This shop has a plethora of on trend clothing ranging from corsets to matching sets to skirts and more. The pieces range from about $15 - $50 with a few outliers here and there and they are willing to negotiate for a reasonable price.

2. @zigzaggoods

This shop is definitely on the pricier side, I will not lie. But the clothes are absolutely worth it. They sell reworked denim, leather, and more. I love the vibrant and original vibe of this brand. They sell more statement pieces that will 100% spice up your closet.

3. @emmarogue

This shop sells some awesome basics, y2k ,and statement pieces. Prices range depending on the item but the majority of the items fall on the cheaper side. If you're just starting off on DEPOP and need a shop that pretty much sells everything, this is a great one.

4. @412vintage

This shop has a grungier vibe to it but you can style the clothes to fit whatever style you wear too! Again, the prices range depeding on the item. Some are pricier than others but most are in the $20's.

5. @bruntonchloe

In this shop, you'll find some great basics that you can spice up but you can also find some amazing staple pieces, cool patterns, and cool designs. Most items are around $20-$40 but there are some more expensive or even cheaper pieces throughout the shop.

6. @mylovintage

This is one of my favorite shops to go to. There is a large range of products that she sells and majority are on trend. If they aren't on trend, then they are still adorable and could make some bomb outfits.

7. @jadeyscloset

This shop has y2k, 90's, vintage clothing, and more. Prices range from $20's - 50's. This store fits my style very much so if you're looking to get more corsets, low waisted, and tiny tops, check out this shop.

8. @teamaisel8

More y2k finds and some awesome basics! Most items fall into the $15 - $35 range.

9. @calliekkguo

Super on trend items with lots of vibrant colors! Prices vary. The majority of the items are $30+.

10. @reveyeval

Now this brand, I may be a little biased towards because the owner is in fact my roommate. But you can't tell me that she doesn't sell some of the coolest items ever. The items range in price, mostly $25+. Each item is a one-of-a-kind, reworked, and handmade. There are some really amazing and unique peices on her DEPOP so make sure you check her out.

While you are at it, check out my DEPOP @elexyfy. Currently I'm selling some reworked items, and some old clothes of mine from places like LF, Pink, Dooney & Bourke, Kate Spade, and more!

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