Controversial Trends Series: Episode One: Maxi Dresses with Boots? Yay or Nay?

Do we like Maxi Dresses with tall boots? The answer is yes. At least for me. I've been super into controversial trends lately. Meaning, I like trends that are getting a lot of "hate" essentially. Why, you may ask? Because I think they're different, unique, and if other people are hating them, then you won't see everyone wearing them. You'll be the one who is different in the crowd of similar human beings. And my motto for 2021, is fuck what other people think. Pardon my French. But I'm being serious. If you think it looks good then... wear it! You don't need someone else giving you independent confirmation.

Let's talk about why this is a controversial trend in the first place. I think people are used to seeing heels, or sandals with long dresses so when you throw a tall boot under a tall dress, it's out of the ordinary for some people. Plus, long dress + long boots = not a lot of skin. Usually with dresses you make some sort of effort to show a little leg even if the dress is super long. So more often than not you'll see long boots paired with short dresses because you can still see some skin and then long dresses with shorter shoes, booties, for example, for the same reason. I am all for showing skin but I think pairing long boots with long dresses is cool! It's fashionable! It's different! Even when you look up dresses with boots, you'll see everyone telling you what shoes to wear with what kinds of dresses, and almost always they will say to pair booties with long dresses. So if you want to wear something that not everyone does, wear long boots instead!

And hey, flapper dresses were controversial for being too short but fast forward a bunch of years and you see they were the staple of the 1920's. Anything showing off ankles in the 1910's was controversial but the hobble skirt was the staple of that decade and that skirt ended just above the ankles. Jump to the 60's where the miniskirt was the biggest trend of that decade (and you thought ankles were bad), now women were showing off their whole damn leg.

So, I will say it again and again, do what you what, no matter what people are saying. You want to wear that dress that is so "not" on trend but looks amazing on you. Wear it. You wanna try that makeup look but have never worn anything like it before. Wear it. Because in 2021 we shouldn't follow the trends. Instead be unapologetically ourselves and demonstrating your personality through your clothing.

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