Fashion at the Brit Awards 2021

I can't help myself. When I see award ceremonies, I basically see fashion. Here are my favorites and least favorites from The Brit Awards.

Olivia Rodrigo: 

I am literally in love with Olivia Rodrigo. She might be my favorite human being ever! There is nothing I'm more excited for than her album drop on Friday. I love her but this Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2021 dress did NOT do her justice. The color is super bright and I love me some funky colors but this yellow-green is not my favorite. This whole look gives me Bianca from 10 Things I Hate About You and not in a good way. I just think overall, knowing Olivia, she could've done better.

Dua Lipa:

Not going to lie, I have no idea if I love this custom Vivienne Westwood look or hate it. I think I love it or at least aspects of it. The lingerie tights are everything. I've been talking about how the lingerie trend is going to start expanding into different garments. This is a perfect example of what I mean. I also love how the shoes and the stitching of the dress have the same pattern. I just don't love the color of shoes up against the black tights. The yellow corset dress is gorgeous!!! I enjoy how her hair works with the theme of the outfit but I'm not in love with the hair style itself. I do love the fact that the designer Vivienne Westwood is a transparent and sustainable brand.

Maya Jama:

I love this look. Super sleek and on trend. Giving me very I Am Gia vibes. It also reminds me of Lily Rose Depp's Met Gala look but more casual. I really like the cropped blazer aspect of it. This look is almost like a three-piece set because the heels tie in perfectly with the rest of the fit.


This Ashley Williams Spring/Summer 2021 look is just absolutely insane. Again, I can't tell if I love it or hate it. The feather dress is SO fun. The feather head piece also works perfectly!!! The Roger Vivier red shoes aren't my favorite. I love a good pop of color but I'd prefer if the tights were colorful or if there weren't any tights at all. I think this would allow the shoes to pop more. It also might be that she's standing on something red but I didn't realize that the shoes were a different color for a while. I'd definitely get rid of the tights.

Rina Sawayama 

All I can say is that Rima Sawayama POPPED IT OFF. The train. The layers of ruffles. The color. EVERYTHING! This dress is insane! If I were to be buried in a dress this would be the dress. I honestly have no words. This Balmain Spring/Summer 2019 Haute Couture dress says it all.


This baby blue pleated outfit is to die for. MNEK did not come to play. I love how the pleating detail is carried throughout the entire outfit. You see it in the collar, sleeves, pants, and undershirt/ skirt (I can't tell if the piece over the pants is a skirt layered over the pants or a long undershirt.) I also loveeee the baby pink hair. Such a smart way of incorporating hair into fashion.


This Susan Fang look on Griff is insane. The head-piece is definitely Met Gala vibes and the whole outfit gives me mermaid vibes. I love the pastel colors, it is PERFECT for the spring time. I also love how the makeup matches the dress. It just proves that fashion is more than just the clothes you wear. It's everything... hair, makeup, shoes, jewelry, etc. The stomach bracelet on the dress ties the whole dress together with the head piece and I love that.

Harry Styles	

You know I had to end this blog with the love of my life. This Gucci Fall/Winter 2021 look fits him so well. The color blocking and funky shapes are too good. The multiple shades of brown is very on trend. I love the matching set of the blazer and the pants. But my favorite part of the fit is his white trainers. Comfort can be cool. Like... how cute! Of course he can make anything look on trend.

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