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I've been curling my hair for as long as I can remember. I started gymnastics and cheerleading at a very young age so I had to get my hands on a curling wand at a very young age. And with that I learned how to work my way around a curling wand and I've learned which are the best ones to use. The Aria Beauty 1.25" Infrared Curling Iron is one of my absolute favorites.

At first it was a little tricky to get the hang of it because I had never worked with a curling wand that had a support bridge on it. But once I figured it out, having the support bridge was actually super helpful! The wand instantly smooths hair and boosts shine while also achieving perfect curls/waves. Infrared heat creates ultimate softness and boosts humidity resistance, which helps to hold your style til the next time you wash! The curling wand has adjustable heat up to 450 degrees.

Ever since moving to California, I've been out and about constantly so getting all dolled-up is a necessity and one of my favorite things to do is curl my hair. So since being here I been curling my hair a lot. Something that's super important to me when it comes to curling my hair and using a specific curling wand over another, is time. I've notices that with the Aria Beauty curling wand it takes only seconds for a single curl to form making the whole process go by in a only a few minutes.

With Aria Beauty Hair Styling Tools, there is non-damaging heat applied to the hair, because they have a different type of heating device inside them. They use a new type of technology- Visible Infrared Heat. Infrared heat is the lowest wave of Color that the human eye can see- it’s actually a type of radiation. It is the most gentle type of heat that warms from the inside out- similar to an infrared sauna.



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