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Who doesn't love smelling good? Literally no one ever has said they'd prefer to NOT smell good. Don't you just feel so good when you have that one perfume or cologne that makes you feel like you could do anything, throughout the day, and still smell good? You could run a mile, you could go to a club (not right now obviously), you could run up and down a mountain 50 times and you still smell fresh and clean. Well I achieve that feeling with my favorite perfume brand, Alt. Fragrances.

What I love specifically about this brand is that they sell good quality designer perfume at reasonable prices. Their goal is to have the everyday person be able to purchase their items without breaking the bank. They even explain that the actually fragrance itself costs less than a dollar. They explain the reason why some perfumes are so expensive is because of the super overpriced packaging and then, of course, because of the brand itself, the title and hype of designer brands.

My two favorite scents at the moment are the Thorned Rose No. 4 and the Peach Smash No. 20. The Thorned Rose is a very mysterious and feminine scent. At first, you are hit with a stunning candied rose smell which later is tamed and transformed into the scent of a rose. Finally, you'll get a sense of pink pepper combined with patchouli and tonka bean to create the ultimate powdery and spicy perfume.

The Peach Smash is a very airy, fizzy, and a heightened smell of a natural peach. Peach Smash is youthful, juicy, sweet, and playful. You will sense a strong blend of peachy notes balanced with some sandalwood and cashmere scent. This amplifies the richness of the perfume. Alt. Fragrances has so many scents to choose from.

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