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Waxpro Waxbar has amazing people, products, and services. I've never had a better first experience with "anything" as I did here. First, let me get into why waxing is so great.

Waxing vs. Shaving

Waxing pulls the hair out directly from the root while shaving on the other hand is cutting the hair at the surface of your skin. So with waxing it takes longer for the hair to grow back. When I shave you can leave blunt little hairs behind, not to mention it grows back so much faster. Sometimes when I shave in the morning, I can already feel a prickle at night. When I got waxed for the first time, I didn't start to feel any prickle until about a week later. Crazy, right?!

The other benefit with waxing is that it exfoliates your skin and doesn't leave you with rashes and/or rough skin that a razor blade can leave behind.

At first, I was a little scared to get waxed because I was scared it was going to hurt. I was also scared it was going to be awkward. Although I cannot assure you it'll be completely pain-free, I can assure you that it's a lot less awkward than I anticipated. At Waxpro Waxbar, they play your favorite music/artist throughout your experience to help you relax. As well, their technicians are very experienced and make you feel extremely comfortable. They also go through the process at your own pace and take breaks when you need them.

Lexy Silverstein at WaxPro WaxBar

The second time I went in for my waxing, the process definitely went more smoothly because I knew what to expect. Plus they knew me a little more and worked at a pace they knew I was comfortable with.

I recently got three of their products and I am seriously obsessed. I got their exfoliating glove, body oil, and body scrub.

The body scrub is a sugar scrub made to exfoliate and smooth your skin. I got mine in the scent pomegranate and it literally smells like candy. I'm in love! I used it all over my body in the shower and when I got out my skin felt so fresh and clean. I also like to use it with the exfoliating glove to get an extra exfoliating on certain, more rough parts of my skin, like my elbows, heels and knees.

After the shower, I used the body oil. I also got this in the scent pomegranate so I could smell like candy all day. This oil doesn't leave any annoying residue and was perfect for keeping my skin shiny and moisturized all throughout the day. I don't know what I did before I had these products in my life because they have completely changed my shower experience!!

Now obviously I got a Brazilian wax which is why I mentioned it being awkward but that's not the only thing they offer. You can literally get waxed anywhere. I want to try my legs one time!! Not only do they offer waxing treatments but you can also do brow tint, lash tint, henna brows, Hungarian mud mask, and so much more.

My mom actually got her eyebrows tinted and they looked amazing!! She got them really dark and bold so they would last longer. After a few days they lightened up to a more natural color but still made her eyebrows look fuller and more defined. Several weeks later her brows still look great and she hasn't had to use an eyebrow pencil. She's loves the look and the convenience of not having to apply anything to her brows.

Lexy Silverstein and Kathy Silverstein at WaxPro WaxBar

I cannot express to you guys how much I prefer waxing over shaving. I was never a person who enjoyed shaving. I still have this horrible scar on my leg where I accidentally cut myself with the razor. Going to Waxpro Waxbar has saved me so much time, pain, and struggle. If you have been thinking about getting waxed and just haven't done it yet, here is your sign to go get it done at Waxpro Wax bar. Use code: SmoothBabeLexy to receive 40% off your first visit with Waxpro Nina! Also, complimentary upper lip or nostril wax!

Lexy Silversetin WaxPro WaxBar

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