Setinit Fashion Boutique

This is by far the most "out there" swimsuits, I have ever worn. The colors and the different patterns along with the style are so fun and definitely something I've never seen before. This brand strictly sells one-of-a-kind items that definitely make a statement.

The top of this bathing suit has a rainbow of colors including pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple. But not only is it colorful, it's also snake print which adds such a fun detail to the suit. The top is meant to show a little underboob but can be manipulated if you're more conservative.

The bottoms are cheeky. They are two colors pink and green, incorporating the most used colors of the top. They split right down the middle having one side pink and the other green.

Now onto my favorite part of the swimsuit. THE SIDES. So this swimsuit looks like it's a two piece but it's actually not! The top and bottom connect on the side with a cute silver hoop making this suit a cute, showy one piece.

Make a statement with this suit. Make a statement with this boutique. So glad this suit came into my life and I can't wait to wear it out!!

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