The Importance of Masks


Lexy Silverstein Why it's Important to Wear Masks During COVID

Masks are one of the most important accessory to own right now in these incredibly scary times. They are a simple and effective way to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. They can restrict respiratory droplets from getting into the air and onto other people. According to health experts, if everyone wears a mask and stays at least six-feet apart from each other there could be a drastic decrease in the number of COVID cases.

Now just because we have to wear them for the common good of our entire population, doesn't mean they can't also be worn fashionably. My go-to place to buy masks is MasksToMe.

. This brand has amazing masks that make you feel safe, they are comfy and absolutely adorable. They have two main kinds of masks. First is The Original Reusable Masks. They come in three sizes: youth, medium, and large. This mask comes in EIGHT different colors. So you could literally buy one for every outfit. It also has a thick outer layer of naturally anti-microbial linen and an inner layer of glue-free polypropolene, the same material used as a filter in surgical masks. Plus, it's machine washable.

Their other mask is The Pocket Mask. This, as well comes in three sizes: youth, medium, and large. It only comes in two colors, black and beige, neutral colors that work with everything. What makes this mask different is the ability to replace your polypropylene whenever you want. The pocket mask is also made with thick anti-microbial linen just like The Original Mask, and comes with 5 replaceable surgical mask grade polypropylene filters.

Each mask is hand-sewn in America using a thick layer of linen fabric to prevent anything from coming in. The best part about this purchase is you're helping the world while also donating to a good cause. 30% of profits go to Operation Masks, a nonprofit connecting mask suppliers with hospitals and medical offices who need them.

Wear a mask. Social Distance. And please stay safe. These are scary times we are living in but if we work together while staying apart, we can work through this.

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