Phone Loops Review

PHONE. LOOPS. This is honestly the most interesting product I think I've ever reviewed. I had never heard of phone loops until recently and I'm so thankful they're in my life now. Phone loops are a stylish way to keep your phone safe. Have you ever accidentally dropped your phone on its face while watching Netflix late at night? Have you ever accidentally shattered your phone because you weren't holding it tight enough? Well trust me, I have and it’s painful to have to pay for those not-so-cheap repairs. So when I heard of phone loops I jumped at the chance to order a few.

There are a bunch of different ways to apply the phone loop onto your phone. Mine is placed through the hole in my case where the camera lens is located and then through the hole for the speakers. I don't make it too tight so I can easily slip my hand through the loop. They have sticky sides so that you're able to keep the loop on your phone for a long period of time. I put mine on a few months ago and it hasn't moved nor fallen off.

My favorite thing about the phone loops is the design. They have SO many different patterns and designs to express your personality and style. I personally have six at the moment. Currently, I’m using the cheetah print phone loop. I also have these styles: caution tape, pink floral, green floral, jalapeños, and zebra print. They're all so cute as well as super affordable. They are only 8$ but they go on sale often. You can also buy them in a bundle! I suggest getting them not only for their cuteness but for they're practicality. Spending $8 is better than buying a new screen or phone.

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