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I’m so excited to share my latest skincare with you. I have been using SMACNE for the last month and I have really been able to tell a difference. Now usually I try not to stray from my usual skincare because my skin tends to breakout when I switch it up. That definitely happened again, at the very beginning of trying this new product. But the best thing is that with SMACNE it cleared it up super quickly. ​​

SMACNE is a two product skincare routine. The first product is an aloe vera exfoliating cleanser. The cleanser clears out any impurities, exfoliates your pores, and removes oil on your skin. This prepares the skin for the treatment. The company focuses on the pH of the cleanser to help get rid of old skin and clear up pores.

The second product is an acne treatment. It is designed to replace the oil on your skin after it is prepped. Its ingredients kill the bacteria that causes acne, while balancing and reducing the oil levels of your skin. It has a pH of about 5, which is about the same pH as your skin in order to keep it neutral as possible.

Although this is a two product routine they do have a third product. Acne is normal and almost everybody gets it at some point in their life. Depending on people's skin type, acne can be more prominent or rarely visible. BUT on that note it is important to remember that acne is totally normal!!! The third product is similar to the other acne treatment but should be used for the more prominent and severe cases of acne. It is a much stronger agent so if it isn't right for your skin it could cause irritation or dryness.

I highly suggest trying out these products. SMACNE is easy and quick but also really effective. I could see results in just a few days when usually my acne likes to stick around. During this time in my life, I tend to get lots of breakouts so although they did still occur while using this product, they didn't last too long. Check out their website

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