Factor Five Lash/Eye Cream

Now this product is different than any products I've reviewed before. This is a two-in-one cream that works both against aging skin and for lengthening your eyelashes and eyebrows.

There are four main signs of aging that this cream focuses on:

1. It minimizes the look of crow's feet

2. Reduces under eye circles

3. Helps de-puff eye bags

4. Enhances skin thickness

Lexy Silverstein

When using this product I put a small droplet of the moisturizer on my finger and focus it underneath my eye and to my temples. This ensures that I reach any areas that could experience obvious aging signs, like crow's feet.

After applying on my under eye, I focus the cream onto my lash line and actual lashes. The biotin and redensyl work to quickly and safely enhance the density and length of your lashes. I've always had pretty long and full eyelashes but recently I had a pretty terribly experience. I loved using an eyelash curler and then one time accidentally pulled out half of my lashes. I WAS SO MAD!!!!! So I've taken a break from both eyelash curlers and mascara and have been strictly using this cream on my lashes. In the few weeks I've used it I can really tell a difference. Not only are they longer but the lashes that were pulled out have begun to grow back. Thankfully, they're starting to get back to normal and I have Factor Five to thank for that.

I only sometimes use this cream on my eyebrows because I prefer a more clean cut eyebrow look on myself and don't always wish for my eyebrows to grow in length. But when I do use it, I spot treat it by putting a small amount in the denser areas. This is to thicken up those certain areas in order to have a fuller brow. The Factor Five Eye/Lash Cream has been an essential in my daily skincare routine and I recommend you guys try it out!

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