The Art of Smell

Have you ever walked into a house and instantly smelled your favorite dessert? Or walked down the street and the smell of fresh bread knocks you over? Or maybe you've been at a fair and smelled cotton candy? Did you notice an emotional connection? Were you in a better mood?

Smell is one of the five ways we connect with the world around us. According to studies, our sense of smell is actually the strongest, stronger than touch, sight, hearing and taste. Studies also have shown that smell is strongly linked to your mood and even memory.

That's one reason I love Derma E's Mood Rituals. I love the moisture it provides my skin but the scent is an even more powerful motivator.

Lexy Silverstein Derma E

Studies show that 75% of all emotions are generated by smell and because of that you are 100 times more likely to remember a smell than something you saw, touched, tasted or heard. And get this additional studies printed in Mood Media, there is a 40% improvement in your mood when you smell something pleasant.

I love Derma E's three skin beneficial mists, Calm, Uplift and Create. I spray Calm before I go to bed and usually Uplift or Create in the morning when I get up. It moisturizes my face, while providing a relaxing or uplifting aroma to get my day started or to end my day in the right state of mind. I use plenty of Dema E's other products and decided to try these and they do no disappoint.

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