A Bracelet YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT - 100% Fact!

Lexy Silverstein wearing 4Ocean Bracelet

This bracelet is adorable right? But I’m telling you…. it’s a MUST-HAVE. You honestly CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT this bracelet. Why? Because life isn’t possible without the ocean and these bracelets fund efforts to save the ocean. If you buy this $20 bracelet, made of recycled materials including glass and plastic from the ocean, you are helping 4Ocean remove one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. We’ll get to these cute bracelets in a minute but first let me tell you why all you fashionistas need to care about the environment. Fashion is a big polluter. It has recently been called the #2 polluter behind oil although this New York Times article points out that might is likely not totally accurate. Regardless, the fashion industry has it’s problems with sustainability and needs to improve. So what better way for consumers to improve by supporting fashion accessories that help save the ocean for example.

Lexy Silverstein Atlantic Ocean

Why is the Ocean Needed for Life?

Have you ever heard environmentalists say if the ocean dies...we all die? Well if you haven’t yet, you are hearing it now. (If you don’t believe me, take it from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society)

  • Billions of people need the ocean for food. We’re not just talking for fancy restaurants and sushi bars. People, especially in poor countries survive by fishing and eating the fish.

  • The ocean is the life support system for the planet. It provides at least half the oxygen we breathe and it helps regulate the climate of the planet. It’s also the pump that provides fresh water for us to drink.

  • Plankton is important and I’m not talking about Sheldon J. Plankton, Spongebob’s enemy - we could do without him. In real life, Plankton is an important source of food for larger animals and without Plankton the species that need them as a food source will die. Then when they die, the species that depend on that species to live, dies and so on and so on. I’m sure you get it. It’s messing up the food chain big time.

  • Every year 65 billion animals are slaughtered to feed humans. 40% of all the fish caught are converted to fishmeal to feed pigs, chickens, domestic salmon, fur-bearing animals and cat food. With fish populations diminishing, many corporations are looking to replace fishmeal with a plankton paste. (Sea Shepherd Conservatory)

  • Some of the oxygen we need to breathe comes from the forests that are rapidly being cut down and the rest comes from the ocean.

Okay back to these fashionable little bracelets from 4Ocean.

The 4Ocean Bracelet

The 4Ocean Bracelet

4Ocean is a non-profit organization with a mission to clean the ocean one pound at a time. It all started when co-founders Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper went surfing in Bali, Indonesia only to discover the ocean there was polluted with so much trash. They saw fishermen trying to push their boats through the trash in order to go fishing. That’s when they realized all this trash impacted every aspect of the ocean and maybe they could use boats and nets to catch trash instead of fish.

Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper

Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper

A few years later, since 2017, 4Ocean has removed 5,467,931 pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines. They operate out of multiple countries and employ over 150 people worldwide.

4OCEAN basically sells several different bracelets. A blue bracelet that supports the ocean as a whole, a kelly green bracelet for the Everglades, a lime green one for Sea Turtles, a purple bracelet that supports the Hawaiian Monk Seal, an orange bracelet that supports Whale Sharks, a yellow bracelet that supports the Sea Birds, a black bracelet that supports Sharks, a navy blue bracelet that supports Whales, a jade bracelets that supports Marine Nursery, or you can buy the entire collection here.

If you are as passionate about fashion as I am, I hope you learned a little something about how to look fashionable and help our planet.

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