My Newest Sneakers are GREATS!

Lexy Silverstein with Greats Sneakers

Lexy Silverstein Wearing Greats The Royale

Yes, I said “greats, with an S at the end”. That’s actually the brand name of the shoe…. Greats.

I LOVE these shoes and I want everyone who wants a cool white sneaker to buy these "Greats" sneakers. But not just any Greats sneaker - the Royal Knite sneak made of recycled ocean plastic.

Take a closer look at this sneaker! It’s impossible to tell but I’m not kidding...each pair of shoes is made from knit that’s entirely from yarn spun from plastic. It takes 7 plastic water bottles to make each pair of shoes.

Royale Knits Made From 7 plastic Water Bottles

When Greats first launched their new Royale Knits shoe, the company said that 75,000 bottles were removed from the ocean in order to produce their initial run.

Why am I so passionate about sneakers made from recycled goods? Because fashion is a huge contributor to Climate Change and pollution.

American shoppers buy nearly five times more clothing now than they did in 1980. According to studies, on average each piece of clothing is only worn seven times before it gets tossed. In 2015, according to the Environmental Protection Agency Americans sent more than 10 million tons of clothing to landfills last year and most of that clothing isn’t biodegradable.

So our generation needs to be smart shoppers and stop supporting fast “cheap” fashion.

I love Greats because of their commitment to the environment but let’s face it - they are also really nice shoes.

The Royal Knit comes in white and black, white and rose or white and gray. Royale Knit Royale Knit


They run big so order a ½ size down. I normally wear a size 8, I ordered a size 7.5 and it fits perfectly.

The quality is amazing. I already got a little smudge on the top of my Greats and I easily cleaned it with a damp cloth -- it came right off.

The price is $119 but I got a 15% discount code when I first got on the site. These shoes look sharp, are made of great quality, easy to clean and best of all, made of our bottles from the ocean!!!

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