WABC’s Michelle Charlesworth: Three Beauty Items She Keeps In her Purse at All Times

Lexy Silverstein & Michelle Charlesworth on WABC's TV

Lexy Siiverstein & Michelle Charlesworth Best Fashion Tips

The second you meet Michelle Charlesworth, you feel like you’ve known her, your entire life. She’s so open, warm, and personable. No wonder she’s such a beloved TV anchor/reporter in New York City. (Video Interview below)

You can tell a few things about her right away, although she’s not from New York, she’s been there long enough to have that New Yorker attitude - she’s not going to take any “sh*t” from anyone. She told me about a guy who tried to mug her outside WABC studios and the man got the worse end of the deal...way before police arrested him. She's also the kind of person who would stick up for anyone. She's going to fight hard for what's right. You don’t even have to ask her, why she got into journalism, you just KNOW she started her career, not to be a TV icon in New York, but because she wanted to make a difference. She has a very high moral and ethical code, yet she's just so cool.

When I interviewed her, she’d just finished her early morning broadcast and had been up since 3 a.m....yet you'd never know it. She's easily one of the most high-energy people I’ve ever met. I wonder if her battery ever gets low.

She looks like a million dollars but she doesn’t like to spend or shall I say “waste” money on clothes and tells anyone who will listen, the best places to go to get the best deals.

In this interview below, Michelle shares how to dress for TV, what beauty products are in her handbag at all times and what beauty and fashion items to invest in and what to save your money on.

Stay tuned, I'll post another video soon with Michelle. She gives young women great advice on how to dress when you are starting out your career.

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