Prive Revaux: The Showstopper, Ray-Ban But Cheaper

Lexy Silverstein in Prive Revaux The Showstopper

I love a good brand of stylish sunglasses just like everyone else. I also need good sunglasses because my eyes are very sensitive to the sun.

I recently became obsessed with black Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses but instead of buying those, I decided to finally try out a pair of Prive Revaux sunglasses that looks just like those Ray-Bans.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of this brand or not. But Prive Revaux was started by David Schottenstein who brought on celebrity partners Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld, Ashley Benson and Jeremy Piven, who are actively involved in both product design and marketing. Every pair of glasses sells for $29.95. I’ll get to my review in just a second but first you need to understand why glasses and sunglasses costs so much money.

Lexy Silverstein in Coach Sunglasses

Why Are Sunglasses or Glasses so Expensive?

Why are we paying hundreds of dollars or even $400 - $500 dollars for the more expensive brands, when it costs manufacturers maybe $25-$50 to make these glasses? That seems insane!

Is there a monopoly in the glasses industry? Well according to public reporting, a company called Luxottica controls 80% of the major eyewear brands, making glasses for nearly the ENTIRE DEVELOPED world. It’s a $28 billion dollar market globally, so we’re talking big bucks.

So you have one company making glasses/sunglasses for LensCrafters, Sunglass Hut, Apex, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, Target Optical. Not to mention, they are the manufacturer for Prada, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Tiffany, Bulgari to name a few.

Warby Parker came along a few years ago to disrupt the market by making classes for cheaper but they only sell to the US and Canada and are barely a blip on the screen for Luxottica. Now you have Zenni and other companies who are trying to compete with Luxiottica.

Prive Revaux

I got the Showstopper sunglasses. They come in blue, brown, pink, navy and black. The frame is stainless steel and the lens is made of polycarbonate to protect against scratching.They are also polarized, which is important because that provides you with 100% UV protection for your eyes. They come in one size and are unisex. To be honest, they look very much like the black Ray-Bans I was thinking about getting.


When I looked at the reviews for this product on the Prive Revaux website, I saw the Showstopper received 25 out of 25, 5 Star perfect reviews.

Most of the reviews on Amazon of all the different styles had 4-5 Stars.

Lexy Silverstein in Showstopper Sunglass (Prive Revaux)

Personally, I’d say this about my Showstopper sunglasses. They feel a tiny bit lighter than Ray-Ban sunglasses. That's not a bad thing, might actually be a really good thing. They are quality. You can definitely tell the difference with the polarized lens. I really love them. I really love the price. And the case is incredible. When you don't have the sunglasses in the case you can fold it up completely flat so it better fits in your purse. That's genius.

Prive Revaux Cases Collapses

It’s kind of hard to tell which one of these sunglasses are the $29.95 Prive Revaux Showstopper and which one are the Ray-Ban Aviators. Jamie Foxx kind of gives it away but if you didn’t see the tiny Ray-Ban on Alex Rodriguez’s glasses I’m not sure you really could tell the difference.

Alex Rodriguez in Ray-Ban and Jamie Foxx in Prive Renaux

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