Anklets: My Latest Obsession

I’ve got a couple of new obsessions I’ll be sharing soon but anklets are right at the top. It was just a matter of time, this 90’s trend became hot again. The last time anklets were in, so were chokers and hair clips and those two fashion accessories have already made their return.

Anklets have been making a slow comeback since 2016 but this summer they have finally “arrived”. The best thing about anklets is even if would ever go out of style you can always use them as bracelets. But if you love anklets, you should always wear them, whether everyone else is or not. Remember fashion doesn’t need to represent everyone, it’s your personal brand, so it just has to represent you.


In Bible: Anklets have been around for thousands of years, worn by both females and males. They were even mentioned in the bible twice but not for a good reason. Apparently in Isaiah 3:16-18, the daughters of Zion had “bangles on their feet”. They were apparently using the bangles to draw attention to themselves and God removed the “bangles” because he thought they should be making their insides (the heart) more attractive not concentrating on external beauty.

In Ancient Egypt: In Egypt, women who wore gold or silver bracelets around their ankles, meant they were married to wealthy men, while slaves usually wore leather or metallic anklets.

In India: They’ve always been very popular in India and worn by everyone. Wearing anklets might indicate the marital status of a woman or it might just be an ornament. They are called paayal in India and are a big part of the culture, including part of the bridal ensemble.

In America: Anklets first became popular in the 1970’s during that free-spirited decade along with the bohemian style. Of course they’ve made a few comebacks including the recent last few years.


Left: Some women wear anklets on their left ankle to signal they are married just as a ring is worn on the left ring finger. Anklets were once gifted to the bride and groom to wear as a symbol of love for each other. But in Christianity, wearing it on the left ankle was said to be considered a symbol of the Devil and connected with evil forces.

Right: Back in the day, some women used to wear their anklets on their right ankle to let men know they were a call girl. There is another version of history that says wearing anklets on the right ankle indicated the wearer’s being of non-traditional sexual orientation.

So...Personally I don’t pay any attention to any of that. I say wear them on whatever ankle feels good. Or wear them on both ankles.

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