Forget Diamonds! Turquoise Should be a “Girl’s Best Friend”

I know, I know, there is actually a song “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” by none-other than Marilyn Monroe. Pretty stiff competition. But I’m telling you, if Hollywood didn’t get involved, it might be turquoise that’s so desired.

Turquoise is Rare

Thanks to depleting mines, turquoise is becoming increasingly rare and who knows, one day, it could become more rare and more valuable than diamonds. You may be wondering, “are you high? I see turquoise all the time”. But 90% of the stuff you see is actually fake. There’s a stone called howlite and it can be dyed almost any color, including that beautiful turquoise blue. When done right, it can be hard to tell the difference between real turquoise and fake turquoise. Here’s some quick tips on how to spot a fake.

Howlite Dyed to Look Like Turquoise

Why is Turquoise Valuable?

The turquoise gem ranges in color from blue to green to yellow. It isn’t just a precious rock, turquoise tells the story of thousands of years of rich culture and tradition of the Navajos. Native Americans have valued its’ beauty and spiritual qualities for thousands of years. To them, turquoise is life. It brings happiness, luck and health. Turquoise has also graced the halls of palaces and mausoleums of great kings and pharaohs. So it’s considered priceless for its’ history.

But the monetary value of turquoise is skyrocketing. Partly because of supply and demand. Turquoise is typically found in dry climates. There are mines in Northwest China, Iran, Northeast Egypt and in Southwest America but those mines are drying up. Most of the mining now is done in China, while some of it is very high-quality, the majority is color treated or even fake.

In the U.S. all the mines in Arizona, including the famous Sleeping Beauty mine are closed. Within months of it closing, in 2012, the price of Sleeping Beauty rough stones skyrocketed. Buyers are paying 5 times more per carat.

Sleeping Beauty Rough Stone Sleeping Beauty Ring

Every Turquoise Stone is Unique

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll find two pieces of real turquoise that looks exactly alike. The color and the webbing are completely unique so if you have a piece of turquoise you truly own a one-of-a-kind. A diamond, on the other hand, look alike in color and shape.

Of course, it’s still hard to compete with diamonds because they are the most famous gem in history. But turquoise stones are so unique that if you take your piece of history to any expert, they’ll likely be able to tell you exactly where it was mined.

Turquoise is not as expensive as diamonds but many experts feel the price is undervalued. That’s why buying real turquoise is a great investment. Not to mention, turquoise is supposed to have healing powers that improve your overall mental state, serenity, creativity, positive thinking, and happiness.

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