Location, Location, Location

Some real estate tycoon in Britain is credited with saying “location, location, location”. He was talking about the importance of ‘location” when it comes to buying properties, but I’d say location is just as important, when it comes to your Instagram feed.

Instagram is 100% a visual platform so your pictures matter. The quality, composition, lighting, clarity, negative space, perspective and location of your pictures are all things to consider.

Why? Your Instagram represents your brand and yes, every single one of us has a brand, even if you aren’t a business. When people see your face or hear your name, something comes to mind. That’s why fashion matters too. How you dress, how you look represents your brand and instantly gives people insight into who you are. You’ve heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” right? It means that a single picture can convey the essence or meaning of something more than words. So make sure you think about your image and/or your pictures because they represent your personal image.


Scout Locations; Think About Your Shots:

  • Look In Your Backyard: I was walking around my neighborhood and saw this beautiful tree that was likely going to be in full blossom in a week. So I made a mental note and came back the following week.

  • Your House or Your Room: Sometimes you just can’t leave your house to take pictures, so make an "Insta-worthy" space in your house. Literally it can be in a corner. I wallpapered one wall in my room, and put a white carpet on the floor and that’s my Instagram corner.

  • Always Scout Locations During Travel: When I’m in New York, I’m always looking for interesting buildings, streets, construction sites, skylines, graffitti, you name it, as a photo backdrop. Then I think about the lighting and composition. There are literally millions of shots that can be taken in New York City.

  • Do Research: I’m traveling to Charleston, South Carolina soon. So I’ll be doing some research on where to take pictures ahead of time. What cool trees do they have? What parts of the city look unique? Beach shots? What types of houses do they have? What historic sites might best portray my visit?

  • Every Location Can Be a Location: Literally a bathroom in a hotel can be the perfect picture location. Maybe there’s beautiful marble, exquisite lighting and a beautiful plush chair in hotel lobby. Look in office buildings, coffee shops, parks, stores. One time, I went into this swanky furniture store in Georgetown and took some great pictures on their super expensive couches. I got some weird looks but hey, my pictures were awesome.

  • Brand Your Location: If there is a location that just screams “you” take shots there once a month. I go to my favorite local coffee shop called Coffee Republic and take pictures there often. It’s my place. People instantly know where it is when they see my picture. They may even think of me when they go there. Or I take pictures in Urban Outfitters dressing room when trying new outfits and many people know exactly where I am.

Another thing to think about when you are taking your Instagram pictures is unique perspective, composition and lighting.

In my opinion, lighting is probably the single most important consideration and natural light is the BEST. The golden hour happens twice a day, shortly after sunrise or before sunset, when the sunlight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky. There is nothing better than "golden hour" pictures. I hope this helps you transform your Instagram into something the represents you!

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