Fashion: What's In? What's Out? For Fall 2019

Take a look at this picture below. There were two fashion items that were super trendy the last few years but have fallen off the fashion map for Fall 2019.

Also there are two things that will be on fire this fall. Can you guess what they are?

Lexy Silverstein Fashion Blogger

If you couldn't guess by looking at the outfit, here's the skinny on what's IN and what's OUT according to the fashion shows last month.

OUT: Cold shoulders - cut out and bare shoulders was first made popular by designer Donna Karan when she designed a dress for Hillary Clinton in 1993. The look has been super popular for the last several years but it's OVER. If you want to bare your shoulders, the "off the shoulder" look is still in and just showing one shoulder is the hottest new trend replacing cold shoulders.

OUT: Tiny sunglasses. Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Emma Chamberlain made them look oh so cool. But let's be serious, they were never practical. It's super hard for us regulars to be super cool in the sun when we are squinting because those super tiny glasses don't protect our eyes from the bright rays.

IN: Belts. Belt your sweater, belt your trench, belt your tunic, belt your button down, belt your dress, belt everything. Do sit-ups this summer because it's all about cinching and showing off that waste this fall.

IN: Leather. I'm wearing black faux leather leggings (above). But honestly it doesn't matter if it's faux or real, the more of it the better. And the brighter the colors the better. Orange, purple, green, pink leather are all in this fall. Plus wearing leather on leather - so leather jacket and leather pants together was all over the runways during fashion week.


Lexy Silverstein Fashion Blogger

OUT: Flared bell sleeves. I personally love this look. Matter of fact, I recently posted this picture on Instagram asking people if this style was "in or out" and I got a ton of compliments on this very blouse, especially the sleeves. But for now, the style is over. Bell sleeves aren't the most practical but I love the drama. Dramatic sleeves are still in but the drama seems to have moved up to the shoulder - puffy sleeves. Hello 80's!

OUT: Long belts. While belts are super in. This year's trend of having your belt cascade down your outfit is over. So just take that same belt and wrap it one more time around your waste or tie it in a bow. Don't you dare throw that belt out, it's an easy fix to make it trendy again.

IN: Camouflage. I know, I know it's already been popular but I promise you it was all over the runways. It's going to be even hotter this fall. You probably can't tell but I have black and dark gray camo leggings. You'll see all kinds of pretty colorful camo. It's a look that's going to be trendy for the guys as well.

IN: Statement earrings. Big bold statement earrings have been in for a while but next fall's earrings appear to have grown in size. There were big bold earrings that went all the way down to the model's waste. So the bigger the better.

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