Kitten Pop-Up Lounge - The Purrr-fect Way to Spend Your Day

The Kittens are here! The Kittens are here! I’m honored to be one of the first guests to visit the FIRST-EVER Kitten Pop-Up Lounge in the United States. It’s located in Washington D.C.’s historic Georgetown, on the famous M Street. It officially opens Friday, March 1st ands stays open through June 2019.

Today, I got to meet John, Jud and Felix. They are all rescues looking for a forever home. Right now there are 25 kittens at the Kitten Lounge. All of them are adorable and most importantly adoptable.

So why have a Pop-Up Kitten Lounge? It’s kitten season, that’s why and that’s not a good thing. It’s the time of year, every spring, when the animal shelters have too many kittens, so many have to be turned away or euthanized. So the Pop-Up lounge is having a kitten party during this three month period with the goal of saving 500 kittens in the DC area.

Saving kittens isn’t much of a stretch for Kanchan Singh. She’s been saving cats since she opened the cat cafe Crumbs and Whiskers in Georgetown and L.A. Her business has already arranged nearly 900 cat adoptions with nearly 1,900 cats saved from euthanasia.

I spent four hours cuddling with these adorable kittens but I honestly could have stayed all day. I’m actually allergic to cats but the kittens were too cute to resist and I ended up having zero symptoms!

Starting Friday, you can visit the kittens for either 30 or 70 minute time increments by booking an appointment here. Food and drinks are available too. Walk-in 15 minute slots are available but this unique experience is already popular so book early. Some days, all the time slots, are booked already.

Warning: You can spend time with the kittens with “no strings” attached but be careful, it’ll be hard not to fall in love and want to adopt these little guys. They are PAWSitively the cutest!

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