FASHION WEEK 2019: Guide for Clearance Shopping NOW to be Trendy & On-Budget for Fall 2019

From Milan to London, Paris, and New York, fashion “month” is finally over and now we all know what’s going to be hot for Fall 2019. So I'm going to give you some tips from what I saw on the runways so you can buy certain items on clearance now and look as trendy as those fashion models this September.

I love being in style but I also love saving money. The last thing you want to do is buy a bunch clothes on sale and have them be completely out of style by the time you ever get to wear them. For example, if you see cold shoulder tops on sale, please pass. I love cold shoulders but it's time to say goodbye. Now if you see super wide-leg trousers or fleece "anything" on clearance, buy them STAT!

So as the clothing racks transform from fall/winter to spring/summer, here are 10 must-buy items that are hopefully a good 50-70% off.

1. Colorful Leather. Maroon, blue, purple or orange, it doesn't matter. If you see a “real” or “faux” leather in a bright color that’s on the clearance aisle get it. Beautiful colors of leather on leather was all over the runways.

Lexy Silverstein in Dennis Basso Maroon Leather Jacket

Lexy Silverstein in Blue Leather Jacket

Photo Credit: Ulla Johnson

2. Tie Dye. You’ll start to see the 1960’s craze this spring but if you find any warm weather items on sale now, get them because this look will be big this fall.

Venus Tie Dye on Sale Venus Tie Dye on Sale

Photo Credit: New York Fashion Week

3. Zebra Print . Last year’s leopard and snake prints aren’t necessarily going anywhere but the hottest animal print for Fall 2019 is Zebra.

Photo Credit: New York Fashion Week

4. Colors PURPLE and ORANGE. All bright colors are very vogue this spring and fall. Seriously think turquoise, bright red, pink and beautiful bright marigold yellow, the “it” color this spring. But two colors in particular stole the runways at NYFW, orange and a deep regal purple. So look for those colors on clearance now because you'll be seeing these power colors Fall 2019.


Lexy Silverstein in Purple LF top

Photo Credit: New York Fashion Week


Photo Credit: Zara Photo Credit: ASOS Oversized Sweater

Orange Evening Gown: Photo Credit: Oscar De La Renta

5. The Belt is Back (or cinch). Start doing sit-ups now because it’s all about showing off that waist in the fall. Whether it’s a cocktail dress, winter coat, tunic, trench, or a suit, one thing was prominent on the runway, a cinch around the waist. Thrift stores are the perfect place to find belts or cinches.

Lexy Silverstein in Coach Trench Coat

Urban Outfitters Kappa D-Ring Belt Urban Outfitters: Double O-Ring Belt Photo Credit: Oscar de la Renta

6. Cargo and Pleated Pants. Let's face it, cargo pants are kind of ugly and just the thought of pleated pants is likely to give women, like my mom, who lived through the 80’s convulsions. But these two pant trends are back and since they are here, maybe we embrace the positives. For example cargo pants, with their extra pockets, can be very convenient to hold all your "stuff”. And I promise, the new pleated pants are not as bad as the pleats from the 80s. Now they are high-waisted and tapered down the leg or they are high-waisted with the pleats right at the hips. Thankfully they’re not your mother’s pleated pants that just made you look bulky.

Lexy Silverstein in Urban Outfitters Cargo Pants

Urban Outfitters BDG Cargo Pants

UO Katie Pleated Trouser

UO Pleated Percy Pant

7. Super Wide-Leg. These pants are going to be hotter than ever next fall. So if you see some on sale, you can bet it’ll be a good investment.

Lexy Silverstein in Isaac Mizrahi Wide-Let Pants

Photo Credit: Fashion Week New York

Photo Credit: Fashion Week New York

8. Fleece. Yay! I got this Urban Outfitters coat this year and fleece is super trendy again in Fall 2019 so start your clearance shopping now. You’ll definitely see a lot of fleece. Take advantage of the good prices.

Lexy Silverstein in Urban Outfitters Fleece Jacket

Fleece at NYFW

9. Camo will stick around for Fall 2019. NYFW runways were filled with camouflage. So whether it's a trip to your local army surplus store or thrift shop, stock up.

Lexy Silverstein in Urban Outfitters Camo/Cargo Pants

Photo Credit: Tom Ford

Perfect Camo Shirt on Sale at Amazon

10. Crocodile-Styled Handbags. The Croc look for handbags will be very "in vogue" this fall. By the way, most of these handbags are not made with actual hides from a crocodile. Whether it's faux or real leather, the croc style is casual elegance. This pattern is not only trendy but pragmatic because it can hide any stains or imperfections.

Lexy Silverstein with Mini Croc Coach Handbag

Lexy Silverstein with a Dooney and Bourke handbag

Hermes Croc Handbag

Good luck with your clearance and thrift shopping. I hope you find some great deals.

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