How to eLEXYfy a Man’s Belt into the Perfect Belt for You

When you find the perfect sale and you just can’t pass it up.

I found two men’s Coach belts that were 75% OFF - meaning a once $150 and $175 belt was now $37 and $43.

The only problem..... they were ginormous because they were "men's" belts. But never let "size"details get in the way of a great sale.

Solution: I just needed to cut these belts down and transform them into the perfect belt for me.

Here's the necessary tools:

  • Scissors, of course

  • An eyebrow tweezer

  • Measuring stick

  • Pen

I think you can do this with all belts, but it was super easy to do with these Coach reversible belts. Look at the belt buckle, twist it, as if you were reversing the belt, but stop mid-way through. You should see a small slit where you can take something, like an "eyebrow tweezer" and pry the buckle open so you can remove the leather from the buckle. Then follow the next steps:

  1. Loop the belt around your waist, as you normally would to see just how big it is

  2. You won’t be able to buckle it but pretend like you can.

  3. Then take the measuring stick to see how much of the belt you need to cut off

  4. Mark it with the pen

  5. Then move the reversible part of the belt halfway, and then take an eyebrow tweezer or something else to pry open the metal part of the belt to take the belt buckle off of the leather.

  6. Then cut however many inches you measured from the end that is going back into the belt buckle (the opposite end of the belt with the holes)

  7. But the buckle back on and try it on.

  8. If you need to cut more repeat the steps until it fits perfectly.

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Remember to eLEXYfy! Make the ordinary - extraordinary!


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