Perfect Jewelry for Valentine’s or GAL-entine’s Day

Yikes! Valentine’s Day is three weeks away. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or GAL-entine’s Day, I’m going to make life easy for you. I’ve got three perfect pieces of jewelry that will make that “certain someone” in your life feel special. They are from my favorite designer, Amy Leff of Throwing Stars Jewelry. And guess what, only my followers will get 35% off of these three unique pieces of artwork. How cool is that? But you must place your order by February 8th in order to take advantage of the discount and get them in time for the holiday. So hurry! I’ll get to why I love Amy and her jewelry in a minute, but first, let’s show off her brand new earrings.

1. Heart Threader Earrings:

All I can say is WOW! These make my heart go pitter patter.

Normally $60, but with my special 35% off Promo Code, LEXY35, it’s just $39

The Heart Threader Earrings are brand, spanking new for 2019. They are the most modern and original heart hoop earrings I’ve ever seen. They are super lightweight and dainty, yet they make a BOLD statement. Did I forget to mention they are 14K gold filled? They were created because Amy’s friend asked her to figure out how to make hoop earrings into hearts. Amy said 'challenge accepted,' and the Heart Threader earrings are a result of that collaboration.

I’ll get to my second pick for V-day but first….

Why Amy Leff’s jewelry is so unique:

Amy Leff has been making jewelry for 15 years. She’s from Southern California, as you can tell from her jewelry because it definitely has that “Cali” vibe. You can take the girl from the beach but you can’t take the beach from the girl, right? She started a company called Throwing Stars Jewelry (she had me at “stars”) Stars are my favorites, but I also love hearts because they are symbolic of affection and love.

Amy Leff working in her Atlanta studio

All Throwing Stars jewelry is handmade. Amy designs, solders, hammers, and does all the nitty gritty work to make sure her jewelry is unique, delicate, yet edgy. She mainly works with 14K gold filled and sterling silver. So if you are like me and careful with your jewelry, you’ll be able to enjoy her jewelry for years. Amy can also create custom designs.

2. Heart Slider Necklace

Normally $78, but with your special 35% off Promo Code, LEXY35, it’s only $50.70

My second pick (in no particular order) is this sweet Heart Slider Necklace.

The sterling silver heart easily glides across the 15” chain. You get three chains to pick from 14k gold-filled or sterling silver, or oxidized sterling silver. I love that the chain is 15 inches because it’s the perfect length for layering. It’s the kind of necklace you can wear every day and something you can easily layer if you want to create a bigger 'Wow!' factor.

3. Open Heart Necklace

Normally $38, but with your special 35% off Promo Code, LEXY35, it's only $24.70

How precious is the Open Heart Necklace? You won’t find two that are exactly the same because each one is hammered and handcrafted into a heart, so your piece is truly a one-of-a-kind. You can choose between 14k gold-filled, or sterling silver, or oxidized sterling silver. The small dainty chain is adjustable between 16 and 18”, which makes it perfect for layering.

So these three pieces are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget you get 35% off these three pieces of jewelry by using my exclusive Promo Code: LEXY35. The offer ends on February 8th and you have to order them by February 8th in order to get them by Valentine’s Day.

The Open Heart and Heart Slider necklaces are perfect for layering.

You can also find other beautiful necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets by going to Throwing Stars Jewelry. Amy also sells some of her jewelry at boutiques in California, Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas. Check out her website or follow Amy on Instagram @ThrowingStarsJewelry for more information for her newest designs and for information on Trunk Shows.

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