Banana Face Mask for Winter Skin

Lexy Silverstein Fashion Blogger

I don’t know about you but the crisp winter air is torture on my skin this time of year! Luckily I found a recipe that works wonders on my worse-for-wear skin leaving me feeling moisturized and ready for anything.

The FIVE ingredients you need:

Banana Coconut Oil Egg Honey & Cinnamon


2 tsp. coconut oil 1 egg white ½ Banana (Very ripe) ½ tsp. Cinnamon (Brighten) 1 tsp. Honey (Moisturize)


First mix the banana, coconut oil, and egg white only into a food processor or blender (you can also you a hand mixer but you want to make it as creamy as possible!). Blend until all the chunks are gone, then add in cinnamon and honey until mixed thoroughly.

Apply evenly to your face and neck. (Don’t EVER forget to use your skincare on your neck! One of the easiest age give-aways is a wrinkly neck).

Now hang out, shave your legs or clean your room while you wait for the mask to dry. Wash away with warm water and pat dry. Apply your usual moisturizer to lock in your new found glow.

Lexy Silverstein Fashion Blogger

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