Layers for Fashion Players in 2019

It’s all about layering this winter and it’s not because designers are like our mothers, worried we’re going to catch a cold. Layering is hot for 2019.

I love this trend because you can mix and match clothes from summer and winter and make many different outfits from many different combinations.

Take this summer dress I got from Urban Outfitters. I added a shirt underneath, a belt, and a denim trench and changed my sneakers for boots with long socks that reach above the boot and wallah - a TOTALLY different look.

One Summer Dress - Two Different Looks:

Layer with Texture, Prints, Colors

On the runway this fall, designers went to extremes. Balenciaga really spotlighted layers with one of their models wearing nine of them on the runway. (see below) If you are cold this might be a great idea but maybe switch out the heels for some snow boots. This look was also featured in Vogue, so technically it’s considered “vogue” but personally I think it's a hot mess.

Balenciaga at Fashion Show in New York

Now these pictures below are the perfect layering look for 2019

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