Arroganz Swimsuit Review

It’s 38 degrees in Washington D.C. and yet I’m thinking about SWIMSUITS. I’m trying this suit on, but don’t worry, I’m not going outside. The reason swimsuits are on my mind is because I just received my Arroganz swimsuit in the mail.

Full disclosure, I agreed to be an Arroganz ambassador because I really love this brand. But when I review products I’m always completely honest about what I like and don’t like.

This swimsuit I have is called the Cheeky Set and it just so happens to be on sale right now for $39.00. When it arrived, I tried it on immediately and fell in love but not just because of the swimsuit. Let me tell you all the reason I love this brand.

The Packaging

It might sound weird to talk about their packaging but it reflects their brand perfectly. It’s not fancy. Once you open the envelope that came in the mail, you see a very unassuming light gray plastic envelope. Even though there was no name on the inside package, I knew immediately it was from Arroganz because of the two labels. The first label in the middle had their simple logo made of three lines. Then I saw a smaller label in the lower left hand corner that said “made with love and passion”. This company is not just about swimsuits, it’s about making sure women feel good about themselves on the inside as well as the outside. It’s about being a minimalist as well. They weave their values throughout every touchpoint with their customers.

Once you open that package the swimsuit comes in a clear zip sealed package with a label that says:

We are: Visionaries





The Swimsuit Review

Color & Size:

The Cheeky Set comes in one color - white. So that was an easy decision for me to make. I like that you can order different sizes for the top and bottom. There is a size chart to help guide you. Technically, according to the chart, I should have ordered a large in the top and a small in the bottom but I opted for a medium top instead and went with the suggested small for the bottom. I feel like it fits perfectly.


The quality is amazing! It definitely feels like a top notch swimsuit brand. I’d put Arroganz right up there with Triangl. It hugs the body but not too tightly. I feel like it won’t stretch when it gets wet and will recover nicely as it constantly goes from wet to dry. It’s too early to tell yet, but I feel this suit is going to last several summers. It’s quality!


The style is simple, minimalist and timeless. It also feels athletic and sexy. The two-piece suits remind me of a sexier version of what Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings wore as she competed for a gold medal in Olympic beach volleyball. The one-piece suit covers more skin but is still very stylish. The design is “simple” meets “1980’s sexy” with the high cut sides and a thong in the back.

Arroganz Values:

What I love most about this company is their values. Arroganz is not just creating a swimsuit and lingerie line, they are creating a community or “the ARROGANZ family”. Millennials and Generation Z care about a company’s values and they gravitate towards companies that have a purpose beyond selling products. Arroganz stands for “believing in yourself, your dreams, thinking positive and being confident". Also surrounding yourself with positive people who encourage you, and then all of you collectivly inspiring others. They believe in being visionaries, helping others, and shared success.

Now the Cons:

You’ve heard all the pros, now lets talk cons. I only see two.

  1. There are not a lot of styles or colors to choose from.

  2. I think the cut of the bottom and top is limiting and might not work well for every body type.

So that’s the tea, sis.

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