Happy 90th Mickey Mouse

Hey Mickey, You’re So Fine, You’re So Fine, You Blow My Mind, Hey Mickey!

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The lyrics from Toni Basil song is how I feel about the world’s most iconic rodent. That song may have been a one-hit wonder but Mickey Mouse has outlasted most movie stars and has earned fashion idol status.

Mickey is 90 years old on November 18th. Can you believe it? He doesn’t look a day over 25.

Mickey Mouse debuted in his first animated film called Steamboat Willie on November 18, 1928. But today he’s way more than a cartoon character or a popular picture-taking-partner at Disney’s Park and Resorts. Mickey is a global icon, a vogue fashion trendsetter and one of the most beloved emblems of Americana.

Mickey’s been hot on the runway for years and last spring Disney debuted Mickey’s unique fashion line for adults to help celebrate his upcoming birthday.

These days everything vintage is vogue and Mickey is definitely more in-style than ever. Some of the hottest fashion designers collaborate with Disney to feature Mickey and Minnie Mouse, including Marc Jacobs, Valentino and Moschino.

Gucci even featured Mickey in its Spring Runway Show for 2019. Yes, the icon’s head is now a Gucci handbag.

Photo Courtesy: Gucci

Photo Courtesy: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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