Snakes + Cheetahs = Wild


Lexy Silverstein

Snakeskin Boots and a Cheetah Camisole

When it comes to fashion I personally don’t think there are many rules worth following.

However, there are a few guidelines that I think are worth paying attention to. For instance, when done thoughtfully, combining different animal prints can be wild and fun. But, if you just throw together the first prints you find, you can go from looking fashionable and carefree to looking like you got dressed in the dark. And trust me, no one wants that.

Here are the biggest tricks I try to follow when combining animal prints.

  • Try to stick with two patterns.

  • Choose one bigger print and one smaller print.

  • Pick out patterns with similar color schemes or tones.

  • Pick patterns with similar “edges”

  • Don’t wear the patterns too close together.

  • Break up your animal patterns with solids.

  • What makes you happy! If you love it you will ROCK it!

Killing It!

Let’s take a look at the combination of this Free People leopard print jacket with this Urban Outfitters cow print skirt. This outfit has 2 things going for it. First, one pattern is very large and the other very small. This helps keep the eyes from bouncing back and forth between the patters too much. They also have similar color schemes (in this case shades of brown) that help pull the look together. Not to mention the edges are similar with softer, rounded edges.

Cropped Leopard Denim Jacket Free People Urban Outfitters Rosie Cow Print Skirt

Let It Die..

I’m not even sure where to start but let’s take a look at an animal print combination that doesn’t work. If we combine these pants from Forever21 and this zebra print top from Nordstrom you might notice your eyes actually feel strained while looking at it. Why is that? First of all, the colors are totally different. The shirt is strictly black and white with clean edges separating the two whereas the pants are different shades of browns and tans with very blurred lines. Both prints are also rather small (meaning there isn’t much space between the patterns. Whereas above, the ability to wear a black shirt under the jacket helps break up the animal prints, with this combination there is no possibility to break up the patters because it is a top and pants.

Topshop Zebra Print Cami Forever 21 Leopard Print Flare Pants

So kick back and have fun with animals prints.

Lexy Silverstein

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